Saturday, 21 March 2015

Welcome to Aeroth!


Welcome to my new blog which will hopefully be home to all the bits and bobs I put together for Aeroth and based on the rather wonderful old game, Leviathan.

The Book that started an obsession!

Over the years I have obsessed about Leviathan as it was such a great setting and have run a few blogs based on it but without fail, they have all fallen by the wayside for various reasons (usually due to scale issues!) but I think I may have finally cracked it with my rediscovery of 6mm fantasy!

Horned Folk Warband

In my previous attempts, I concentrated mostly on 28mm scale and it just didn't work. Having read the background, one imagines massive armies clashing with titanic warmachines stomping around and in 28mm and even to an extent 15mm scale, this just isn't possible. Therefore I always found myself frustrated with lack of progress.

Skip forward a bit and I have managed to paint up the core of a decent army for the Horned Folk, a race of ancient minotaurs who have been awoken from their long slumber by the Death, a catastrophic release of wild magic that has sundered a one beautiful world and left it weirdly warped and changed.

Its not only success with my 6mm stuff thats been exciting, I have been working my way through some 15mm scale figures too:

 The Boar Company

This is giving me the opportunity to play not only massive battles but also small skirmishes with hardy bands of adventurers and horrible monsters and I plan on continuing the progress I have made over the last few weeks with the aim of playing out a few games that will eventually morph into a full blown campaign.

Over the coming months, I hope to add background on the world, its important locations and its inhabitants and have a bit of fun with the project so do feel free to check back from time to time!

All the best!

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