Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fighting a Proxy War


Well its been a while since I've had chance to update this blog but I have been thinking of exploring another couple of rather wonderful games that I have really enjoyed over the years.

While Leviathan was a really great setting, the rules themselves left a little to be desired as they came across as having not really been playtested too well. Chronopia on the other hand is an entirely different beast and took fantasy to a new, darker setting without the usual GW grimdark. Coupled with the chunky and characterful miniatures, the game itself was utterly brilliant and back in the day, I collected a rather sizable Dwarven force.

Sadly that army has long been consigned to the great Ebay selloff at the start of university and the difficulty of replacing the miniatures has become apparent. Firstly the game is out of production so figures are difficult to locate and secondly, the metal used for the figures contained something that resulted in pretty much all the figures coming down with leadrot!

Unsurprisingly this is a bit of a bind for anyone wanting to try out the game but what I am proposing is to collect a force using readily available miniatures from companies who are still trading and see how I get on.

I already have a few handy proxies for a House Helios Elve force:

House Helios Elves

With this in mind, I am going to crack on and paint up the stuff I have left lying around in my leadpile and see if I can't get a force put together!

Now the eagle eyed of you may have noticed a third game lurking on the first picture. Its Crucible, a real forgotten gem of a game that FASA released not long before they went out of business. It takes place on the world of Ashkelon and features all the typical fantasy races but puts a really great spin on them by making it much like the conquest of the new world. 

This got me thinking about the other side of the world of Aeroth. While one continent has been ravaged by wild magic during the Death, what if there was another at the opposite side of the world where survivors of the destruction wrought by the Elves have fled to start a new life and carve out a new world for themselves?

Crucible also features ancient ruins of a long forgotten civilisation of technically advanced beings who left behind objects of great power so its quite possible for the existing forces of Aeroth to send expeditions across the Sea of Storms to recover them to aid with the rebuilding of their homelands or to cause more problems!

I am planning on mashing the whole lot into one big mix and using backgrounds, settings and factions as well as actually trying out one or two of the games too to see how they play and if they are as good as I remember them being!

In the meantime, All the best!

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  1. I hear you. I am building my own Chronopia armies. I'm going to link you on my blog, so keep posting!