Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Grey Elf Reinforcements


Well I have finally managed to finish a few more spearmen for my Grey Elves!

Spearmen with command

I must admit that they have turned out nicely but the work that goes into getting them to that state is rather tiresome! I have to remove their original bendy spears, add wire replacements and sculpt on new arms. There is also the small problem of the sheer amount of flash that covers them. Don't get me wrong, Irregular miniatures do look good once they are painted but its an awful lot of work to get them there!
I've also been taking a peruse through some of the pics of my 28mm scale gubbins that I've painted over the last couple of years and its got me thinking about doing some skirmishes in 28mm scale (a dangerous prospect!) As you can see, there's quite a bit of variety to choose from:

 House Helios Elven archer and heavy infantry

 Mercenary Centaur

 House Helios Noble

 Helios spearman

 Wilde Elves

 Fallen Minions

Lord of Havoks Followers

I am going to have a bit of a rummage and see if I can't expand what I have into proper skirmish forces of about a dozen or so figures a side. If nothing else, it will help me reduce the leadpile a bit. 

Worry not though, the Boar Company will be making a comeback too once I get chance to sculpt up some replacements for the originals who are looking a bit on the small side these days and could do with a bit of attention. Once I have them all sorted out we shall see if we can't get a decent campaign going again!

All the best!

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