Sunday, 12 July 2015

Blog Revamp!


Well I haven't done much with this blog for quite some time, but I have had a bit of a plan to sort that out. Over the last few weeks, I have been experimenting with sculpting some new, rather stylised figures to update my fantasy collection and here's the first of them:

 Flint and Grimli, Heroes of the Boar Company

Some of you may recognise the revived characters from my old Boar Company, a force that I sculpted up in 15mm scale several years back and had a great deal of fun playing a loose campaign somewhere on the border in Aeroth. In their time, the Boar Company has fought Orcs, Goblins, Dragons, servants of The Fallen, the Undead and their nemesis, Marik Goldhelm and I felt it was time to give them a bit of a revamp.

Here's a shot of the old next to the new versions:

The main issue I have as a gamer is the lack of space to play 28mm scale games so settled for 15mm as it allowed for a decent sized game to be played on a 3'x3' surface. Sadly I have found that the lack of character that many of the smaller scale figures have detracts from the fun of the game so decided to remedy the situation by sculpting up a selection of figures that are both reasonably small scale but also have lots of character and must admit that the process has been a fun one.

Now I have two weeks of holidays coming up in the not too distant future so want to make the most of things by playing out a campaign using my new figures. I haven't played many games over the last couple of years and I think that it's high time I addressed that as part of the fun of the hobby is creating a narrative for your figures and watching as they develop over the course of several games.

With this in mind, I aim to play out a campaign somewhere on the border featuring the Boar Company and the followers of Krull, a demented Orcish warlord who has the favour of Gorath, the warlike Orcish god. I am also planning on bringing in a few random encounters featuring the denizens of Aeroth as well as some NPCs such as Marik Goldhelm and a few others too!

I am also looking to take the opportunity to use some of my extensive ruleset collection that I have compiled over the last decade or so to try out some different rulesets and see how things go.

Here's a selection of the rules I plan to try out:

All are best suited to skirmish level encounters ranging from a couple of figures up to small warbands so I can start small and slowly expand the forces I have and I also hope to build some decent scenery for the little chaps to fight over and will be posting my progress here as I go so keep an eye out over the coming weeks!

All the best!

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