Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Boar Company Trooper


I've been slowly plugging away at finishing off a couple more bits and bobs and have just finished the test piece for my Boar Company troops:

 Boar Company Dwarf

I must admit that I am really pleased with how he turned out. Not only the sculpting but the painting has been really satisfying and I look forward to adding another five troops to round out the unit!

 More Views

Hopefully I will have another few finished by the weekend and will be able to get another update showing the Boar Company almost at full strength in the new scale and style. Once the troopers are out of the way, I need to add a couple of hunters with crossbows, the Wildling and Keeper as well as a Battle Rager and the Boar Companies porcine mascot.

 The Force Thus Far

I am also working on a unit of minions for Marik Goldhelm which should be finished soon and should allow me to get a small skirmish sorted out between the two forces which I am getting rather excited about as it will be the first proper outing of the Boar Company in years and I hope it will herald the beginning of a campaign that will span the length and breadth of Aeroth and include all manner of wonderful and strange creatures, heroes, villains and locations!

Boar Company Troops on Maneuver

Once the figures are sorted out, I will need to see to some more terrain too as the stuff I have is ok but not exactly what I am looking for to represent the wild and chaotic landscapes of Aeroth.

In the meantime though, All the Best!


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    1. Hi!

      Thanks for the comments! I will be adding an update tomorrow with a new addition to the villains!

      All the best