Saturday, 18 July 2015

Marik Goldhelm, Rogue Sorcerer


Well I have managed to complete another figure for my SD project in the form of the Boar Companies nemesis, Marik Goldhelm:

 Marik Goldhelm

I really like how he's turned out and am currently working on finishing up a couple of minions for him to order around and it's looking like Marik is going to be more of a nuisance to the Dwarven holds than ever in the not too distant future!

The Three Thus Far

The golden non metallic finish isn't the most effective but it does the trick for the time being and I don't want to spend too much longer working on it for fear of fluffing it up though. I also went for a somewhat more dynamic pose than his old sculpt while trying to keep the details much the same. The only real difference being that he has now got a cloak to swirl dramatically when required.

The more I work on this project, the more I am enjoying it and I can see myself developing a fair amount more sculpts as I go and really hope to have enough done by my holidays to get some games in!

I hope to have another batch of figures ready to paint by this evening and will see if I can't get some pics taken within the next few days too but for the time being, All the best!


  1. Love it! Magical sculpting skills. Green with envy! :)

    1. Hi!

      Glad you like him! I've been itching to sculpt a new version of him for years and finally provide a decent retinue for him rather than the hodgepodge of undead, demonic minion and cave dwellers he usually gets lumbered with.

      All the best!