Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Musing on an Alternative Style


Well I've just finished a really busy day at work and got back home with intentions of finishing some more bits and bobs with this blog but got a bit distracted when I discovered that Zombiesmith currently has a summer sale on!

I've been rather tempted by their War of Ashes miniatures line for a while so thought I'd have a bash at getting a few to see how things go. After a little perusal, I settled on several packs of The True Atronians, a rather lovely collection of furry females who got sick of the men going off fighting all the time and decided to form their own society and now seek to knock some sense into the menfolks.

 Atronian Skirmish Set

 Atronian Command Set


There's something pleasingly muppetish to the whole range and it kind of reminds me of the classic Jim Henson movie, the Dark Crystal which is a real plus. I hope to base them up on round rather than square bases to make them more useful for other games. I also got a pdf of Shieldbash, the skirmish game set within the world of the War of Ashes and quite like the look of it, despite it's use of square bases so who knows, I may end up collecting a couple more warbands if I like the look of these in the flesh so to speak.

This gets me onto the title of this post! I have been thinking of the possibilities of going for some more stylised but interesting figure ranges for a while, Zombiesmith, Tor Gamings Relics and the World of Twilight being central to this and alongside the assorted bits and bobs I have sculpted myself, I am thinking that a more interesting setting may be possible with a little work and judicious use of some of these fine miniatures!

I will post a review of the figures when they arrive but as they are getting shipped from the US, it may be a week or two before I get chance. In the meantime, I will be cracking on with some of my own sculpts. I do actually have a minion finished but will post pictures in the morning when there's some better light.

In the meantime, All the best!

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