Thursday, 27 August 2015

Evil Minion #3


Well another busy day at work with the release of the last Discworld novel and lots of artwork needing produced for the shop didn't leave much time for me to do much painting but I did find time to complete work on a third Minion:

 Evil Minion #3

As with the other evil minions I've been making for Marik's warband, I wanted to go for a rather generic, down at heel mercenary with mismatched and rather worn gear so went for a rather rusty finish. Overall I am pleased with the sculpt but tried adding in a bit of green to the greys of his armour which didn't work out too well (apologies for the picture quality!)

 Evil is Afoot!

Still, he's now finished and with a bit of work, I think Marik will have a finished warband over the coming week which will allow me to move onto my third force. I want to add another couple of characterful sculpts to his retinue though including a big guy to give him some much needed hitting power.

 Rabble Rousing

Looking back at my progress, I am somewhat heartened to see that this project only started in mid July and only six weeks later I have two great little warbands that are painted and even played a game with them!

At the rate I am going at, I think I can honestly say that this may be my most productive project in years and I can't wait to see how it develops over the coming weeks and months...

Battle is commenced

In other good news, my True Antronians arrived from Zombiesmith today and I will be posting up my initial thoughts on them tomorrow along with a couple of pictures but my initial thoughts on them are really positive and I look forward to painting them up.

Till then, All the best!


  1. Great work, and they paint up pretty quick. I know your not doing this for profit, but if you make some orks, a few more skull minions and some generic hero types you will have the makeings of a decent RPG or dungeon raiding force.

  2. Looks great, would love to see some greens too!