Monday, 24 August 2015

Mechanical Minion and More Boar Company


I've completed a couple more figures for my Somewhere on the Border project in the form of a Mechanical Minion and another Boar Company Swordsman:

First up there's the Mechanical Minion:

 Mechanical Minion

The sculpt dates way back to when I was at university and developing my Rusty Robots concept and has languished unpainted for years. In fact I found him lying on my kitchen windowsill so decided it was high time he got a paint job.

I settled on a pleasingly rusted and battered finish to match the miniature himself and game wise, he will be representing some piece of ancient tech that has been uncovered in one of the megacity ruins that dot Aeroth.

Next up, there's the latest member of the Boar Company:

 Boar Company Trooper

I am trying to add a bit more vitality to my sculpts so rather than just having stuff standing holding swords, I wanted to have a bash at something a little more dynamic and have the little chap bellowing and waving a sword about in a more determined manner.

 Mechanical Minion vs Dwarf!

I'm really enjoying how this project is developing and my forces are gradually expanding too as can be seen below:

The Boar Company Thus Far!

I still have one or two bits and bobs to build for them but they are almost back to full strength which is really heartening and even better, I haven't been feeling bored with my progress, instead I find myself wanting to sculpt and paint fresh additions and warbands. 

Hopefully I can keep up the pace and finish a few more bits and pieces over the coming week and my Shieldbash stuff should be arriving too which is rather exciting and will give me even more fun stuff to work on so watch this space...

All the best!


  1. These are splendid. I would buy those magnificent space orcs you did immediately if possible too. I really hope you are considering having these sculpts released at some stage, they are unique and fun. Great stuff!

    1. Hi!

      Glad you like the little chaps! I have been approached by a company who might be interested in casting them so you never know!

      All the best!

  2. That trooper looks excellent (and very much like an OGLAF dwarf!)