Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rogue Trader Project


I've always been a fan of Rogue Trader and the 40k universe before it all became Grimdark and hopeless and over time I've revised its history to suit my own setting and even sculpted a few of my own bits and bobs to people it which is what got this blog going in the first place!

With this in mind, I thought I'd dedicate a small part of it to my Rogue Trader project which will over time get one or two bits and bobs for each of the races mentioned in the background, along with whatever fun stuff I can think of to throw into the mix but for now, here's some pics of my Bloodaxe Orks.

 Bloodaxe's investigate an abandoned mining complex

I must admit that it came as something of a relief that my 15mm scale buildings that I created from cardboard boxes available from Hobbycraft for a pound or two each scale remarkably well with my new sculpting style so I have some impressive locations for Rogue Trader warbands to scuffle over.

I want to build up a second squad of the little fellows along with a dreadnaught before moving onto some opposition for them in the form of the Empress's finest Space Marines (yes in my version of Rogue Trader, the Emperor is dead but his dynasty continues and has revitalised humanity). I am rather looking forward to sculpting up a squad of ten of the Imperium's best troops and playing a few skirmishes somewhere on the border of Imperial space between humanities stalwart defenders and marauding greenskin loonies!

 1st Squad, 1st Mordor Rifles

The more I sculpt in the new style of stylised miniatures, the less I find myself wanting to do anything else and the more I want to try out new ideas for characters, forces and settings and suspect that the whole scheme is going to keep me entertained for quite some time to come and with a good selection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy gubbins to choose from, I think there may even be more battle reports on the horizon for this blog which I am really looking forward to playing out.

 The squad encounters a rogue droid

I doubt any of the games are going to be much larger than a small skirmish between a squad or two of troopers with the odd character, light vehicle or monster but I suspect that I am going to have loads of fun playing them!

The Orks investigate the complexes admin bloc for loot

The lessons I've learned sculpting the current Dwarves and Marik's minions has given me a lot of confidence to try more complex and slightly more dynamic poses so watch this space for more thrilling action from somewhere on the border!

All the best!