Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Warband Building


Well it's been a bit of a busy week or so with lots of sculpting and painting to prepare my first two warbands for a Somewhere on the Border campaign and I am pleased to announce that I have just about finished them so without further ado, here's the Boar Company and the minions of Marik Goldhelm!

The Boar Company is really starting to come together and has just about reached full strength when compared to their old sculpts and I am really pleased with the finish of the little chaps as well as the amount of character they have:

 The Boar Company thus far

I still need to build a Wildling and a few characters, not to mention another hunter but they are almost complete. Here's a rather old picture of the old sculpts for the Boar Company:

The Originals!

Next up, there's Marik Goldhelm, the Boar Companies long time nemesis and his assorted minions:

 Goldhelm and Minions

I've been a bit more organised with his underlings this time around as he previously had a random selection of bits and bobs that were the result of using pretty much anything I had lying around at the time and making do so he had one skeleton, a couple of Cave Dwellers and a random blue demon that I found in my bits box as well as a couple of giant bats.

This time I went for a more conventional force while trying to bring over some of the characters such as the skeleton who has now been upgraded to a Wight and the two giant bats who I went a bit mental with:

 Flying Menaces!

Still, I must admit that I am really pleased with their look and the overall feel of the two little forces thus far and still have a few more goodies awaiting a coat of paint or needing a little bit more sculpting to finish before adding them to the mix!

I am really liking the combination of scale and style of the sculpts which are allowing me to play a decent sized game on a 2'x3' board and I suspect that the Orcish horde will be getting some attention soon in the form of Krull and his ravening warband but I don't want to get ahead of myself before finishing out the rosters for my two existing forces.

 Boar Company on maneuvers

I even managed to play out a bit of a game yesterday evening using Song of Blades with one or two modifications to speed up play a bit and quite like how it turned out. 

In previous games, I found that the combat mechanic resulted in a lot of pushing and shoving but very little bloodshed but have added in the option of concentrating attacks which instead of adding +1 to your combat, you add +1d6 instead which results in less of the endless back and forth and more brutal results. I am going to continue experimenting with the rules, potentially adding a D10 to the mix as well as taking a look at the shooting and magic rules which I find are a bit feeble at present.

Evil is afoot!

I will post my progress up here as well as putting on a battle report or two as well to illustrate some of the modifications I am playing around with too as I love the simplicity and flexibility of the rules but feel there's something still missing from the game that would take it from good fun to brilliant without adding too much book keeping and stuff to it.

I am hopeful that I will be able to get the Boar Company and Marik's Warband finished by the end of my holidays and will try to update a bit of a battle report this weekend to celebrate but till then, All the best!


  1. Are they 15mm or 25/28mm? Ever think about selling them?

    1. Hi!

      They stand about 20mm tall to the eye and are mostly mounted on 20mm round plastic bases and I've actually had a bit of interest from a company wanting to pick up a few of the sculpts so watch this space!

      All the best!

  2. Really loving the styles of these sculpts! Would love to see a tutorial or a WIP of one of your figures someday if you're ever inclined!

    1. Hi!

      I will post some pics of some unpainted bits and bobs as well as a painting article or two if you are interested!

      All the best!