Saturday, 22 August 2015

Wildling and Terrain!


Well I've been off camping over the last few days so haven't had much chance to get any painting or sculpting done but last night I finished off a couple of bits and bobs that had been lurking on my painting table for a while.

Firstly there's my Wildling scout:

Wildling Scout

I've fancied sculpting some Beastmen for a while as I've never been too keen on the whole evil goat thing that's so popular and looking for something a bit different for my Boar Company inspired me to sculpt this little fellow!

Porcine Buttocks

Armed with a handful of javelins, the Wildling Scout will make a fine addition to my Boar Company until I get chance to sculpt a few more at which time they will be getting their own warband! I think I have managed to push my sculpting skills a bit with getting the little chap put together and really like his style so expect some more of the little guys soon!

It's not all been about painting a pot bellied porker though! I also managed to finish off a piece of scenery for my games in the form of an adobe storage shed:

 Storage Shed

Made from a small cardboard box available from Hobbycraft for about £1.25, it was originally built for my 15mm scale gubbins but I found it to be ideal for use for the new scale. I found the finish a bit dull initially so added some red detailing around the doorway which livens it up perfectly. If I was to make another, I think I would add a dome to the roof to give it a more authentic look to it. I am also considering adding cork tile walls so it has the proper style too...


Handily I have enough of the boxes to make an entire village so watch this space for more stuff!

I think I will post an article over the next couple of days chronicling my progress at adding some more terrain to my stylised gaming surface as well as a battle report to liven things up a bit, especially as the Boar Company has a couple of new additions as will Marik's warband!

Till then, All the best!


  1. Really like the wildling and am enjoying your style of sculpting.

  2. Brilliant - shame that you are not marketing these. I'd love to pick up a set! :)