Friday, 25 September 2015

Battletech Redesign: Valkyrie


Well I have a day off work at last and have managed to get a second mech finished in the form of a Valkyrie for my Davion force!

 Federated Suns Valkyrie Light Mech

I am quite pleased with how he turned out, despite the photo making the paintwork on the visor look a bit on the rough side and hope to finish another Valkyrie to add to the lance soon.

Rear View 

I have so far kept the colours generic and not too showy and have even removed the Federated Suns sigil from the Javelins head as I just didn't like the finish and may resort to getting some waterslide transfers instead when money allows.

I am thinking of adding an ace mech as the lance commander who will have some more exciting colours and markings but quite like the more muted colours with the occasional splash of colour for the existing mechs.


With a bit of work, I think I can get the third mech from the lance finished this weekend before moving onto the command machine who will be a medium mech in the form of a Centurion which will give me a somewhat larger mech to sculpt over the next week or so.

As much as I have enjoyed sculpting all these machines, I am wondering if I have gone for too cartoony a finish for them. Looking online at some of the Battletech sculpts out there, I am sorely tempted to use these fellows as Imperial walkers for my Rogue Trader project and do something a bit more realistic for Battletech...

Either which way, I will be adding the odd update here over the next week or so as well as adding a new addition to my fantasy project too!

In the meantime though, All the best!

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