Saturday, 13 February 2016

Somewhere on the Border: Horned Folk Minotaur Spotted


Well I finished off painting my Horned Folk Minotaur last night and have taken some quick pics too so without further ado, here they are:

Horned Folk Minotaur

He's been sat primed on my desk for ages so I thought I'd crack out the paints and finish the little guy off and am quite pleased with how he's turned out if I'm honest. The pics have washed out the colour slightly but the bronze armour and gold NMM looks quite striking.

The Horned Folk are from the ancient past of Aeroth and were driven to their haunted barrows back in the Age of Legends by the Elves and have slumbered through the eons but The Death has awoken them and they seek to reclaim their ancestral lands. 

I decided to give them a bronze age sort of vibe with bronze armour and weaponry and do like the belligerent look that the chap has too which is unsurprising having been woken from an ancient slumber to discover your world completely changed I suppose!

Marik's newest Minion

Handily my Minotaur fits in perfectly with Marik Goldhelm's warband. I can imagine the duplicitous sorcerer entering one of the barrows that lie in the mist shrouded forests north of the Axebite Pass and using some forbidden ritual to wake one of the legendary Horned Folk to do his bidding. 

In other news, I am slowly painting my way through the assorted 15mm scale gubbins I have lying around and have now got a couple of half finished bases for Leviathan too:

 Orc Warriors and Goraths Chosen

I had a pack of Ral Partha's Blighthaven Orcs which have been used for crew for my Necrosaur and now the beginnings of some Orc infantry units too. I really need to order some more to flesh out my forces but the Blighthaven packs are great for getting an idea as to how the range looks and they paint up really nicely too!

I do have some Orcs too but the quality of the sculpts are so ropey I'd be embarrassed to have them all on the same stand so will be sticking with Ral Partha for now.

I settled on a khaki and brown finish for the Orcs by accident while painting the Necrosaur crew and quite like how it looks and it gives the Orcs a more militaristic uniform look which does the business. I suspect that most of the infantry will be similarly kitted out, possibly with the exception of the Khans and the Khan's guard I have planned!

Here's a quick scale shot of the infantry next to the Orcs second larges warbeast:

Infantry and Warbeast

Quite an impressive sight isn't it! I think I need to sit down and figure out what I need for my 1000 point forces and get the gubbins bought so I can crack on with the conversion and painting of them all as looking at my 15mm fantasy collection, I've got enough to start on Dwarves, Barbarians and even some Goblins but that's about it!

Hopefully I will be able to get another game or two in this evening both of Leviathan and Song of Blades and Heroes as I am back to work on Tuesday but while I am slowly working through the figures I have, I am also trying to put together some decent scenery too and am waiting for a test piece to dry out before applying some paint and we shall see how it looks once it's done before I churn out more but more on that later!

All the best!


  1. Richard that Minotaur is stunning!!!

  2. Glad you like him! I'm finishing off a Boar Company Razorback outrider at the moment which should give the Dwarves some fast moving cavalry and then I think I am going to add a few Dramatis Personae before moving onto some Goblins as I have some ideas I want to try out with them!

    All the best!

  3. Sounds like exciting news. looking forward to see them.

  4. Horned Folk Minotaur is one great looking figure. Looks suitable grumpy and ready to stop some dwarfs and elves.
    Since you are looking at doing some personality's. Maybe a few non-combatants for the Boar company to protect or for Marik Goldhelm to capture for his evil sorcery's.

  5. If I could sculpt like you I'd never buy another miniature again, something about your style really speaks to me more than most miniatures I've seen. The paint jobs are always awesome to.

  6. Thanks for the comments folks!

    I have noticed that my purchasing of miniatures has really dropped off over the last couple of years!

    I do find that I enjoy painting the stuff I sculpt myself an awful lot more than I do other folks miniatures. Maybe it's because they match the image I had in my head or the fact that they are all rather chunky figures that don't have too many fiddly details!

    All the best!