Friday, 12 February 2016

Somewhere on the Border: Rumble at Kar Morn


Well who would have thought it possible, I ended up playing two games in one day yesterday! Not only did Orc meet Dwarf in Leviathan, elsewhere on Aeroth trouble was brewing in the desert near Dur Zamor...

The ruined outpost of Kar Morn

Grimli shifted irritably in his heavy plate amour as he surveyed the abandoned outpost that Umbar Deepdelve, the powerful leader of the Engineering Guild had ordered him to scout out.

Umbar Deepdelve

"Grimli, I want you and your Boar Company to go and take a look at the old outpost at Kar Morn" the Grizzled Umbar explained. 

"The Engineering Guild have plans for it and I need you to go and clear out any vermin that might be inhabiting the site before my guilders arrive to begin construction".

Grimli had agreed readily enough as one doesn't say no to the most powerful guild in the region. His beloved Boar Company had wiled away the winter months in the high mesa surrounding Dur Zamor but the winter snows had made it a difficult and tedious experience as the Goblin tribes inhabiting the region had kept to their own hunting grounds while the Orcs had frozen down in Krull's winter encampment.

Boar Company Trooper

But it was a bit much to expect an elite force like his to act as pest exterminators! Muttering a curse, Grimli turned as his second in command, Flint approached with a wide grin on his face.

"Guess what chief!" The grinning Dwarf exclaimed.

"We've come all this way and all there is to fight is a bunch of nothing?" Grimli grunted, his mood still being somewhat soured at the thought of being a pest exterminator.

"Wrong boss. I just spotted our old friend Marik down there" replied Flint, his grin widening as the news sank in.

"Well, well, well" replied Grimli, a grin beginning to spread across his own face. "It looks like we didn't make a wasted trip after all! Go get the lads and we'll give that accursed sorcerer a warm welcome to the new year!"

"Sure thing chief" Flint replied and turned back to the Dwarves overnight camp leaving his leader to his own thoughts. 

Grimli tightened the straps on his breastplate, drew his sword and tested its edge and whistled tunelessly as he pulled out a whetstone and polished his blade. Maybe he should buy Umbar an ale or two when they had finished this mornings business with Marik.

The Game

I used a version of Song of Blades and Heroes as my rules of choice for the game with one or two amendments to make combat a bit more bloody and shooting a bit longer range.

The game itself was great fun and I managed to snap a few shots along the way but didn't have time to write up a blow by blow account but the Dwarves pushed towards the abandoned outpost on one flank under the command of Flint while Grimli led his remaining warriors along the other flank in hopes of cutting off Marik's retreat (he has a tendency to run away once things look like they might not go his way)

Man of the match was definitely Grimli who single handedly slew one of Marik's giant bats as well as one of his underlings and broke through the enemy's lines to threaten the outpost.

 Dwarf versus Bat

In the outpost itself, things were a little more frantic as some poor activation rolls saw the Dwarves forced to attack piecemeal and come under sustained attack from Marik and his spells as well as a bow wielding underling. The Boar company soldiered on, despite several being knocked down by the hail of fire and Marik was forced to unleash his Wight bodyguard to keep his person from being on the receiving end of a Dwarven axe.

 Marik Goldhelm, villain

Meanwhile on the other flank, his underlings were taking a pasting from the Boar Company and things came to a head within the next turn or two with Grimli killing another underling and the remainder being driven back with coordinated attacks from Boar Company troopers and their Wildling ally.


In the ruined outpost, the Dwarves made slow progress under the hail of fire hitting them but Flint roared his battlecry and hurled himself into combat with Marik's Wight. Blows were traded but neither could find an opening.

Epic Combat!

Eventually though,  realising that reinforcements were approaching from the flank, Marik bolted but before he did, he landed a particularly powerful spell on one of the approaching Boar Company troopers which killed the stalwart outright. Seeing his companion fall, Flint bellowed a curse and buried his axe in the Wight's skull and made a dive at Marik.

Marik being Marik, the gold headed sorcerer took to his heels, realising that discretion was the better part of valour.

Angry Underling


The Dwarves had won the day but at a cost. One of their number lay dead and once again Marik had escaped. 

"Secure the outpost and we'll bury trooper Welde on the hill overlooking the place he died to protect" Grimli ordered his remaining troops. 

"Once the guilders arrive I want to track down that scum and finish what he started".

"Don't worry chief", Flint responded as the Boar Company moved to carry out their leaders order, watching as his troops silently paused next to their fallen friend to spare a silent prayer to the ancestors.

"We'll give old Welde a good send off and raise a tankard to his memory and then we'll go find Marik and settle accounts".

"Aye", Grimli replied. "Welde is with his ancestors now but I want Marik's head for this. He's caused enough mischief along the borderlands over the last few years and now this. Send out our scouts as soon as possible and find his trail. We've got some vengeance to carry out".

Nodding, Flint turned to leave his leader to his thoughts...

Well that was great fun! The Boar Company has once again butted heads with their long time nemesis, Marik Goldhelm and as usual, although he's been beaten, he has caused more of a grudge to form between him and the Boar Company than ever. No doubt Grimli and co will be making a comeback soon as they explore the wastelands in search of the elusive sorcerer and settle accounts once and for all!

The game itself was fun and the amendments I made to the rules seem to work out ok and actually resulted in bloody combat that doesn't just involve both combatants just pushing each other back and forward. I do like the simplicity of the game and the fact that each game I play of it seems to lend itself to a narrative too. 

I really need to sculpt a bunch more allies and opponents for the Boar Company and hope to expand things into a mini campaign as I go, possibly involving some classic Leviathan to boot. No doubt there will be a return to Aeroth soon so watch this space!


  1. And as for allies and opponents. Maybe another Wildling or two.
    And you can't got wrong with making more goblins or some more Orc's...And I really think you need to get some of castings of those wonderful figs you make.
    I am sure folks would buy them.

    1. Or you could make more minions for Marik and Boar Company.

    2. Hi!

      I just spent this morning applying paint to Marik's newest minion, a fearsome Minotaur of the Horned Folk and am rather pleased with how he turned out.

      I may be tempted to see if I can get some of my stuff cast up in the future too but want to get the look of the sculpts right first as they are still a bit rough in places.

      I will be posting more artwork in the next few days though so watch this space!

  2. Excellent report Richard...I love seeing the 28mm Boar Co. It has me itching to get some sculpts done. LOL

    1. Wait till you see the new Minotaur! He's quite a beast and should be finished tomorrow once I've got his base done!

      All the best!