Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What's Next?


Well I am back to work this morning after a rather productive week off and am thinking about the next force I am going to put together for skirmishing in the world of Aeroth.

At present, I have The Boar Company and Marik Goldhelm's retinue but am wanting to add something new to the mix.

 The Boar Company

Looking at the two existing forces, I do think they need one or two more additions each to round them out a bit. I also need to make some Dramatise Personae to add interest to the game as well so hope to keep up the updates with lots of bits and bobs over the coming weeks.

Marik Goldhelm's Retinue

But what warband should I start next? Aeroth is full of weird and wonderful races to choose from so I think I will need to spend a little bit of time with pen and paper to draw up some designs both for more personalities and random encounters as well as a new force to mix it up with my existing figures.

Looking at the armatures and work in progress sculpts I have, it looks like there's going to be two new Dwarves coming along soon as well as some Cave Dwellers and more Horned Folk but I want to keep experimenting with the world of Aeroth too.

The Cave Dwellers will be replacing some of my early sculpts but are intended more as a wandering monster sort of thing that can appear from time to time  and pictures of all my progress will make their appearance in time!

But what about the new force? Well I want to explore some of the following:

Goblin Tribe

Orcish Horde


Children of the Worm

Inhabitants of Pinecliff

Scavenger Tribe

The Fallen

Elven Slavers

Daughters of Leviathan

Barbarian Tribe

Dwarven Guilders

Serpent Folk

Children of the Moon

As you can see, there's a lot to choose from and I think I may be spending a bit of time on my lunchbreak drawing up some rough designs for the assorted forces put together and will present each of them here for folks to peruse. I've already made a page for my completed warbands but might put together another for each of the forces mentioned with some images as well as lots of background on them too...

Hopefully I will get chance to post an update tomorrow but till then, all the best!


  1. Very cool news...will be following with interest. ;)

  2. I love to see a tutorial of how you sculpt miniatures, what materials and tools you like to use and your technics. I vote goblins, your goblins would look awesome, full of fun and character

  3. My vote is for Goblins, Horde Orcs, Elven Slavers and Pinecliff...Would the Harpies be a faction or just one off monsters??

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the comments folks! I will see if I can put together a bit of a step by step report of sculpting one of the figures for folks to see.

    Goblins are proving popular so I may make a start on them next and as for Harpies, in the background it's mentioned that they were driven out of their mountain eyries by the Dwarves in the Age of Legends.

    I want to expand them from a brief mention in the setting into something a bit more tangible so they would be turned into a full warband!

    All the best!

  5. Do you think you'll keep them traditional all females? Or go another direction with them?

    1. The Harpies that is. I could totally see a winged amazon style culture, but keep the taloned bird like legs. Fighting mostly with javelins, hooks, pikes all under the direction of their shaman eyries mothers

    2. Also darts would be a good option, just fly over a target and let gravity carry the weapon to its target

    3. I've got some good ideas for them and will need to get their background sorted out too!

      I will try and get a bit of an article put together about the Harpies over the next few days along with some gubbins about the Goblins too...

      All the best!