Wednesday, 11 May 2016

True Atronian Warband Part 2


Well surprise surprise! I actually managed to get another figure painted up for my True Atronian warband!

 True Atronian Glaive Guard

While the other members of the warband are Vidaar, this new addition is a Elvorix doe so has somewhat daintier features than her sisters. I seem to struggle a bit with photos of the figures but I went with a light skin/fur tone with some freckles and stripes to make her a bit more interesting and once again, the Zombiesmith figures don't disappoint as they paint up really nicely, despite their diminutive and dainty scale!

The Warband thus far!

I'm really pleased with how things are going with the force at the moment and have just primed another figure to add to the mix and hopefully I will get chance to paint her up soon too!

In the meantime, I've been perusing Shieldwall, the mass battle game set in the War of Ashes world and am really liking the concepts featured so may try out a bit of a proxy game or two in the not too distant future!

Till then, All the best!


  1. My daughter loves the true atronians

    1. Glad she likes them! They're great fun to paint as well but I must admit that when they arrived in the post, I was rather taken aback by how small they are as they stand on 20mm round bases!

      I'm looking forward to painting up some more and who knows, I may be tempted to pick up some of the other races from the fascinating world that Zombiesmith has created!

      All the best!