Sunday, 8 May 2016

True Atronian Warband Project Part 1


Well it's been a busy couple of weeks here with work and whatnot but I've managed to get some small amount of painting done in the form of a Kanid from Zombiesmith's absolutely lovely War of Ashes range:


He's been sat primed on my desk for absolutely ages so I thought I'd give him a quick lick of paint and he turned out rather nicely which got me to thinking about the other figures from the range that I have lying around unpainted which then gave me a bit of an idea!

What about setting myself a bit of a challenge to get them painted? I have a total of 15 infantry and one warbeast so how hard can it be to get the lot of them painted up over the coming months?

Looking through the War of Ashes Shieldbash rulebook (It's totally worth picking up a copy of the PDF as it's a really nice set of rules with an interesting background and lovely illustration by the way!) and forces generally consist of roughly 300 points a piece so the aim is to see if I can paint up a decent starter force with what I have got!

 The Warband thus far!

Looking at what I have painted thus far, I have my force leader, the Hurscaree, an elite fighter named an Aelfryee and now a Kanid, a lowly pack hound.

This comes to 88 points which isn't too bad and I just need to flesh out the force a bit with some troops and the True Atronians have some cracking choices and the assorted gubbins I have awaiting paint should provide me with an interesting selection.

The next step will be to set myself an achievable goal so I am aiming low by challenging myself to update the blog at least once a week with a single painted figure for the force until I have them all done so with a bit of work, I should have the whole force done in a couple of months!

Hopefully I will get another update over the next couple of days so watch this space!

All the best!


  1. Got to love the war of ashes figs

    1. They're rather lovely sculpts aren't they and I've no idea how the sculptor managed to get such character and detail into such small figures!

      All the best!