Monday, 8 August 2016

A Burst of Creativity


Well it's been quite a while since I've done much in the way of blogging but I have recently been struck by an irresistible urge to draw and with that the urge to sculpt stuff has struck with a vengeance!

I am getting married in a couple of weeks time so unsurprisingly there's not been much chance to do any sculpting but I plan on taking my sketchpads with me on honeymoon as we navigate the north coast of Scotland in hopes of fleshing out some of the ideas which are swirling around in my head at the moment.

These can be split into three rough categories:

Aeroth Warband Building

I actually have a fair amount of stuff sorted for Aeroth which will see Marik Goldhelms force up to full strength and a new campaign season kicking off.

Marik Goldhelm up to his old tricks!

I also plan to develop the setting a bit further, combining elements of steampunk, sci-fi and fantasy and each force will be getting a bit of a revamp and redesign too with more magitech elements starting to appear on the battlefield for the first time.

SD Battletech

I originally started sculpting some very stylised Mechs a year or so ago and even managed to almost finish a lance of Davion recon mechs before other projects started encroaching on my time. Having recently rediscovered them, I feel a fresh need to complete the project, build a command mech for my Davion force and even build some opponents for them to skirmish with.

 Davion Mechs scout out a ruined Star League installation.

As with each of my projects, I am thinking of having a bash at resin casting them at home to speed things up but I also want to re-explore the Inner Sphere and play around with the aesthetics of each of the great houses mech forces to produce a more unified finish.

Davion Javelin Mech on patrol.

Looking through my sketchbooks, I have some fun ideas that I want to try out in a slightly alternative Inner Sphere without the nonsense of the Clan menace, instead focusing on the machinations of the great houses helped along with the discovery of lost Star League era tech.

SD Sci-Fi Skirmishing

Another long term ponderment for me has been the possibility of creating some skirmish warbands for the likes of Rogue Trader, Void 1.1 and even Kryomek but using my own, rather stylised sculpts to not only save money but also to add a bit of lightness and fun into things.

 Bloodaxe Patrol

I must admit that 28mm has been calling me. As much as I like 15mm scale, the lack of character of many of the sculpts is rather disheartening but my SD stuff seems to tick both boxes as they only stand about 20mm tall but do have lots of character and it's easy to tell what equipment they have and each character actually looks different too!

Servile Minion

Again, I have loads of sketches and doodles and even a few painted bits and bobs that I've not shown off before and I hope to have the chance to flesh out some of the sketches into fully realised miniatures and maybe even put together some small warbands to play out a game or two!

Hopefully I will be able to get one or two updates put together early next month with some concept sketches and more rambling, not to mention some more sculpts!

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Congratulations on getting married!
    Best wishes for the both of you.
    I certainly look forward to see some of these honeymoon sketches.

  2. Congratulations for the wedding !

    Don't say that 15mm lacks character, I had already decided to begin a project of 15 mm sci-fi :(