Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Still Here!


Well it's been almost three months since I last posted and I thought I'd best post something to prove I'm still here!

Alas work has been really exhausting so painting and sculpting time has been pretty much non existent of late but I have taken to carrying a notebook around with me and whenever I have some spare moments, I scribble down ideas for Aeroth and its peoples and I've found myself developing the setting in a rather interesting way!

Gone is pretty much everything from the original setting and in it's place a new and rather compelling one is taking its place. Aeroth is now all that remains of a galaxy spanning civilisation and the world itself is scarred by an ancient war that the Elves fought against a forgotten foe. Technology is rather more visible than previously whilst the races themselves are being rejigged and redeveloped.

I am also trying to put aside an hour a day to start sketching out some of the more notable locations in the world, be it the ruined megacity surrounding the Elven capital obelisk of Azgaroth, the ruined starfactory of Shale or the Altar of the Worm. Similarly I am also sketching out some of the denizens of the world and their histories which is proving to be just as interesting!

Thus far, I have lots of ideas, notes and doodles which I need to continue refining and developing but once I've got the world outlined a bit more, I'll post up some gubbins about it and then get down to developing the forces that are fighting over Aeroth. Interestingly, the more I develop my ideas for the world, the more the original Leviathan rules become more suitable with some tweaking so I think I may have to try out some battles to playtest some of the ideas I have...

Hopefully my next post will also have some pics to go along with my waffling but in the meantime, All the best!

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  1. Sounds a lot like a D&D setting I made when I was a teen. looking forward to seeing what more you make and write.