Monday, 2 January 2017

Boar Company Outrider


Well it's 2017 and I have finally finished another couple of figures for my Aeroth project in the form of a Boar Company Outrider and a second Cavern Dweller:


Patrolling the high mesas of the Dwarven territories is very hard on even the sturdiest of Dwarven machines so they make use of Razorback mounted cavalry which act as the eyes and ears of some of the independent companies that roam the wilds and protect the borders from marauding Goblin tribes, Orcish Horde expeditions and all manner of dangerous beasts.

 An Outrider encounters a pair of Cavern Dwellers

Sturdy, tough and belligerent, Razorbacks are perfectly matched to their Dwarven riders who are in turn fiercely loyal to their porcine mounts. In combat the rider will goad their mount into a ferocious, squealing charge whilst crouching behind their bladed lance. If the initial impact of half a ton of pig and it's fierce tusks doesn't finish the job, the riders fierce lance will.

Used to operating independently for long periods of time, the Outrider is usually a grizzled veteran of the border wars who wants to spend time exploring and defending their homeland from all comers. Foraging off the land, these hardy souls and their mounts can stay in the field for much longer than the armoured vehicles of the Dwarven Holds in the harshest of terrain.

Cavern Dwellers

I'm slowly putting together a Cavern Dweller warband and have one or two more part painted which will hopefully allow me to field some more interesting forces against my Boar Company from time to time...

I'm actually having a bit of a ponder about Aeroth in general as I am finding it moving away from a post apocalyptic fantasy setting to incorporate elements of science fantasy. For example, the Dwarven holds are going to be fielding battle armour, war golems and all manner of steam powered tech whilst the Elves are getting a complete redesign and even the Orcish horde have been given some much needed re-evaluation. 

Hopefully over the course of 2017 I will be able to flesh things out a bit but in the meantime, All the Best!


  1. Always good to see more Aeroth. Likeing the Dwarf Lancer and cave dweller.

  2. That is an awesome figure and some very nice fluff story. ;)

  3. Love the Boar Company Outrider. Really cool!
    Happy New Year! Karl

  4. Are these guys commercially available? Because they're really cool.

    1. Thanks for the comments!

      Alas no they aren't at present as I sculpt them just for my own enjoyment!

      I may cast a few at some point though!

      All the best!


    2. If you do I would be interested in them as well. Any of your boar co. dwarf stuff for that matter.