Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Developing Aeroth


Long time no post!

Well I've moved house and finally got internet access again which is rather a relief as all this time with no hobby has been rather stressful. Still I have spent quite a considerable time perusing my battered copy of Leviathan and really looking at the sort of setting I want the world of Aeroth to be and have come to several conclusions.

First up, the setting itself needs a fairly major shake up. I have moved away from the rather traditional fantasy setting into something a bit more science-fantasy / steampunk /dieselpunk / post apocalyptic mash. Similarly the rules I have been developing are morphing into something of a mish mash of company level combined arms with a heavy dose of big stompy monsters and steampowered tech!

I've also realised that I need to develop several different sets of rules or at least make use of several sets of pre-existing rules to cover the scope of the world of Aeroth as it develops. For example small skirmishes featuring the Boar Company need a different ruleset than a meeting engagement between an Orcish warband and Elven host. At the same time, I want to feature fabulous flying machines battling aerial monsters and even massive battles!

Understandably, one ruleset to rule them all just isn't going to do the job so I've been ransacking my rulebook collection for an assortment of types of game and hope to post some regular battle reports featuring a good half dozen different systems and mods of my own design.

Sadly at present my gaming table is buried under a mountain of books and boxes but I hope to start regular updates of playtests, setting ponderings and hopefully some painted miniatures too!

In the meantime, All the best!

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