Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Endless: Fantasy Tactics Challenge Part 3: Fire Grubs


Just a quick update this morning with some painted Fire Grubs!

Fire Grubs

Fire Grubs are large, unpleasant larvae that can be found throughout the more arid regions of Aeroth. Slow moving but ravenous, they can spit balls of flammable bile considerable distances. 

These very properties make them sought after by the Alchemist Guilds as their rather combustible nature can provide all manner of useful Magitech ingredients for everything from potions to fuel for Dwarven constructs. As they are rather aggressive beasts, collecting these ingredients can prove rather deadly.

Whilst not featured in Endless: Fantasy Tactics, I wanted to sculpt up some quick and easy monsters for my collection and settled on some rather chunky grubs. I have plans on sculpting several bases of smaller grublets as well as one or two warriors and a queen to menace my Boar Company and assorted other adventuring types.


I can see them getting quite a lot of use in song of Blades with D6 of the gribblies turning up to pester both warbands!

I'll be adding another update this weekend of my adventurers who are hopefully going to be painted by then too but in the meantime, All the best!

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