Sunday, 18 February 2018

Blog Revamping

Morning folks!

Well I seem to have hit a burst of creativity as lots of bits and bobs are getting worked on for several projects at once.

Stirrings on the Border

From the mists of time, my CLASSIC LEVIATHAN BLOG  has roared back into life with musings on the wargame that I just can't move on from, Leviathan!

I plan on using it to cover all aspects of the old Grendel game including warband building, painting collecting and musings over the original game along with all the rules that were missing for stuff like Mk2 Wargolems and stuff and as an outlet for my urge to paint some 28mm scale armies.

Boar Company Dwarf

Meanwhile here on Somewhere on the Border, I've culled some of the pointless blog posts and will be concentrating on getting more stuff sculpted and painted as well as background and all manner of random bits and bobs to do with my own interpretation of Aeroth.

As you may have noticed, my version is a rather more stylised affair with cartoony characters which fits my sculpting style and there's a deal more high tech gubbins with Golems, artificial lifeforms powered by magitech. Similarly, things have moved on from the apocalyptic events of The Death and societies are beginning to develop once again. Even the races are changed from Leviathan.

I think I will need to put together a primer covering the world, it's inhabitants and locations as well as a bit of background. I've got it all floating around in my head at present but really need to get it put to page so I can make sense of it all.

I plan on spending this coming week compiling a load of artwork to showcase the races of Aeroth before putting together a guide to the world and then the border region where most of the action takes place.

I am also hoping to start playing the Somewhere on the Border campaign that I've touched on a few times in the past and as my sculpts get painted, new warbands, creatures and characters will emerge to be added to the mix.

Hopefully this all means that there will be regular updates to the blog here and over on Leviathan as I work my way through it all so watch this space!

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  1. Very exciting news! This is one of my favorite blog to follow. The Boar company posts have always been fun reads with loads of inspiration. 🐗