Thursday, 15 February 2018

Stirrings on Aeroth

Morning folks!

It's been absolutely ages since I posted anything here but that's about to change as I've finally had chance to paint up an assortment of sculpts that I've had lying around for ages!

First, there's Sir Roderick and his party of adventurers:

 Kes, Sir Roderick, Angelo and Siff

Sir Roderick is a Knight of the Eternal Light on a quest to explore the frontier region of the Axeblade Mountains and having wintered in Pinecliff has sought passage through the Dwarven protectorate and has ventured out into the border region along with his trusted companions.

Sir Roderick, Knight of the Eternal Light

Roderick is accompanied by Kes Westlake, his squire, Angelo Santiago a pugilist of some renown and Siff Boomhauser, a gunsmith in search of the biggest of game to hunt.

Next up, there's Svette Flintsdottir, a Technomancer who is currently leading a Guild team into the border on a hunt for rare materials. She is accompanied by a bodyguard of Golems of her own design.

 Svette with Number 1

I've got about a dozen assorted Golems to paint of a mixture of sizes and will be adding some apprentices and Guilders as I get the chance.

Finally, I've got a rogue Golem which will be reinforced by several more once I have them painted.

Golem 13

Built in centuries past, Rogue Golems have their CPU crystal warped by wilde magic, battle damage or any one of a number of reasons but the result is a unpredictable and dangerous Golem which are a menace to all they encounter. 

It is quite common for these Rogues to group together to scavenge for parts and are known to raid Dwarven settlements for recruits too.

Hopefully I'll manage to get some more bits and bobs put together in the next week or so and will run a small skirmish between Sir Roderick and assorted villains or the Technomancer Guilders mixing it up with the Rogue Golems!


  1. I am more excited then I should be to see that battle report. Your sculpts have character!

  2. Great looking minis, I especially like the golems.

  3. I love all these models. Really nice sculpting and the style really works as well.

  4. Love the sculpts and the way you painted them!

  5. I agree with all the comments above.
    The sculpts are both fun and inspiring and your paintjob on them is spot on.