Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Order of the Tower

I've not been idol over the last few weeks but a lack of bases and running out of sculpting materials (and an infuriating shortage of replacements from my supplier!) has slowed things down considerably.

I have been working on some Elves, Orcs and a new, larger Fire Grub warrior which all just need a coat of paint before being added to my mini campaign but I thought I'd show a few concepts of a new force I'm tinkering with, The Order of the Tower.

The Order of the Tower are a sect of templar knights who inhabit the great fortress monastery known as the Tower of the Dawn. Formed over a thousand years ago, they worship the scholar god Hallador and have collected within their walled abode, a library that rivals even the greatest of the Elven cities.

The Tower of the Dawn lies high in the Axeblade Mountains near the human settlement of Pine Cliff and is a wonder to behold. Rising from a spur of rock to a height of over three hundred feet, the tower is a dazzling white with numerous small windows dotting its exterior and can only be accessed by a single massive door after crossing a narrow bridge.

The terrible events of The Death saw The Tower of the Dawn shaken but due to a combination of Dwarven building and the prayers of its inhabitants, it stood firm against the worst the cataclysm could throw at it.

In the ensuing centuries, The Order has sought to defend the knowledge of the past and regularly sends out parties to trade for books, tech and news from throughout the region. They are also the sworn protectors of Pine Cliff and the small settlement is intensely loyal to inhabitants of the Tower and regularly send rangers with Order expeditions to provide extra protection in the dangerous region.

The Templars of The Order of the Tower wear extremely heavy armour and are experts in defensive warfare as their key role is to defend The Tower from harm. Their distinctive helms and thick plate is richly decorated in crenellations and their experience shows as The Tower has never been breached by any foe.

Templar of the Order of the Tower

Armed with heavy Runespears and tower shields, the Templars will lock shields when forced to fight outside their monastery home and present a wall of spears toward their foe. The Runespear is a modified version of the Elven Powerlance and can issue blasts of Earthpower over considerable distances and many an unsuspecting foe has met their fate on the receiving end of these powerful but rare weapons.

Most of the Templars are doughty men in their fifties, having spent decades in the library and perfecting their defensive martial skills, they are a beacon of order and civilisation in a brutal world and will defend their home with unswerving loyalty.

The current leader of The Order is Verence Torr, a venerable scholar and powerful cleric who has spent almost eighty years in the service of the Tower and its library. Although he rarely ventures out of The Tower of the Dawn these days, when he does Grand Master Verence is a force to be reckoned with as his skill and knowledge of the Lore of Earthpower makes him a terrifying opponent to face in the field of battle.

 Grand Master Verence Torr

The Order is not great in number with only about 80 Templars supported by a similar number of retainers but every year one or two new members will join and become Questors. 

The Questors are new members of The Order and are tasked with recovering valuable knowledge, lost tomes and ancient tech from the border regions of The Axeblade Mountains and small groups led by a Questor are a relatively common sight.

  Knight Questor of The Order of the Tower

Unlike other Templars, The Questors fight with longswords and shields and are more maneuverable than their heavily armoured brethren and will often lead militia groups from Pine Cliff to drive off monstrous creatures or venture out into the wilderness in search of lost caches.

The Order has good relations with the Dwarven Holds that neighbour it as the Dwarves respect the search for knowledge and Dwarven scholars often visit the great library to research lostech of the past. Similarly, select members of The Order, including Verence are granted access to the Dwarves own libraries, an honour which few non-dwarves have ever seen.

The Order has several small outposts around the Axeblades with the best known being Ivy Tower, a squat fortification that lies in a secluded valley next to the River Gorm, south of the great Dwarven fortification, Dur Zamor.

The Elves, especially the followers of The Spider God, have time and again sought to breach the defences of The Tower of the Dawn in order to plunder it's collection of arcane tomes but neither might of arms or cunning has met with success as the Order knows what the improper use of knowledge can result in.