Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Thrice Cursed Elf!


Well I've managed to get another figure painted in the form of an Elven Powerlancer!

Elven Powerlancer 

The Elves were once the rulers of a glorious star spanning empire with Aeroth their capitol but a great and terrible war amongst the stars against a foe too terrible to name saw their empire crushed and Aeroth changed forever.

In combat, the Elves use their mastery of Magitech to channel bolts of Earthpower through Powerlances. These dread weapons have impressive range and devastating power and are capable of bringing down even the mightiest of Golems or warbeasts with a single volley.

I went for a somewhat sinister dark blue armour with grey cloth and a mirrored purple visor to give the Elves a suitably villainous look. I may end up giving the visor a gloss varnish to give it a proper reflective sheen as the photo makes it look a bit dark and matt but we shall see how we go!

I hope to add a few more to the mix including a battlemage and possibly some Amp Armour too at some point so I can field a proper warband but in the meantime I've got a sneak peek of some Gorathian Orcs and a Demi Cyclops to show!

Orcish Horde Troopers and a Demi Cyclops

The Gorathian Orcs on Aeroth are going to be a bit more blackpowder than of old as I quite like the thought of gun wielding Orcs with a more refined military system than just being a bunch of savages. They'll be using alchemical devices too to match the technological prowess of the Dwarves or the magitech of the Elves.

I've got quite a few ideas for the Orcs and hopefully once I've got these test pieces painted up, I will have a chance to get some more sculpted as they are rather enjoyable to work on!

Last but not least, here's a quick pic of the collection thus far with a mixture of painted, primed and unpainted gubbins amongst it all:

The Collection thus far!

While I am aiming at putting together small warbands, I am also keen to put together some more individuals and creatures so hopefully I will get chance to work on some more random bits and bobs over the next few months, not to mention actually playing some games!

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Oh man that elf is great. Anyone wielding a lance like a sword looks good imo. The orcs are really coming along. Then the collection picture, I'd forgotten how much you had actually sculpted. It's such a wonderful style, would be great to have them produced at some point. The Boar Company especially. ;)

  2. Awesome, It’s such a joy for me to see some greens of your amazing sculpting style, I would love to paint your miniatures.

  3. Great looking Elf, and Orcs. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Many thanks for the comments folks!

    Hopefully I will be able to finish painting up some gubbins soon!

  5. I like your style, it's not entirely chibi and still looks kind of cute. Your painting also matches the sculpts perfectly.
    It is a bit weird to see guns on the orks, but it fits them. The Elf is gorgeous and perfectly anime evil looking.