Saturday, 22 September 2018

An Update!


Apologies for the long delay in updating the blog here but I've been rather busy with work and other projects so Somewhere on the Border has languished a bit.

In better news, I just finished a trio of Squigs for my 15mm Ork force over on Tales From Farpoint and they make excellent additions to my SD project too!


Mawlings are a strange reptilian biped which will ferociously attack anything that it sees, no matter the size of it's foe. Using it's stubby legs to bound rapidly forward it will then proceed to take a bite out of whatever it sees. Singly, Mawlings are a nuisance but in large groups, they are deadly and their ability to digest pretty much anything results in areas rapidly being hunted out and the pack becoming increasingly belligerent as they seek new prey.

Flint and a Boar Company trooper encounter a Mawling pack

I've got plans to sculpt another dozen of the little guys to make for a suitably annoying foe or random encounter so watch this space!

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