Saturday, 9 March 2019

A Return to the Border


I can't believe it's been so long since I updated this blog! I've been busy with real life gubbins and other projects but have returned to Aeroth for a bit of a bash with The Boar Company having a go at cornering the ever illusive Marik Goldhelm!

Better yet, I have also painted a figure I sculpted years ago and primed and embarrassingly forgot about so without further ado, here's Minion number 4:

Minion number 4

I went for a largely bronzed armour for the fourth member of my minion unit and quite like how he's turned out, especially as I have had him sat waiting a coat of paint for literally 3-4 years!

It's also interesting how my sculpting style is slowly changing as I work my way through these little chaps as you can see in the picture below:

 Minion unit with Wight commander

Compared to my more recent sculpts, these guys are a bit squat and crude but I've really enjoyed painting up the newest member of the party and am raring to go for making some more!

Here's a bit of a pic of Marik and his renegades:

Marik and Co.

I have to say that bar one or two new figures, the warband is pretty much complete now so I'll need to give some thought to what I am wanting to sculpt next...

Meanwhile, somewhere on the border, Grimli and the Boar Company have tracked down Marik and engaged his unit in a bit of brutal combat in a small settlement. The resulting skirmish saw both Grimli and Flint his second in command injured and several Boar Company troops killed or incapacitated but Marik's minions were almost wiped out.


Once again, Marik escaped his fate but not before hurling a magic bolt at Flint giving him a nasty scar to remember the encounter.

It was great fun to play a small skirmish once again and I am remembering what fun I've had over the years playing similar games in the ongoing feud between the Dwarves and the rogue sorcerer Marik. In numerous run ins, Marik always manages to make a getaway whilst his minions get a pummelling in true villain style.

Marik at bay

I really need to flesh out my Fire Grubs, Mawlings and Cavern Dwellers as well as some other random bits and bobs I been thinking about for the last couple of years but I have recently unearthed a box load of my sculpts in various stages of completion so suspect that in the short term, I will be finishing them up and getting them painted.

Speaking of which, here's some Rusty Robots that I just need to add arms to, base and paint:

Rusty Robots!

Needless to say I'll probably get distracted by something else but I forsee more action Somewhere on the Border soon!

In the meantime, all the best!


  1. Your sculpting is probably becoming more refined after all these years of practice, your 2mm stuff is really good.
    I love these Rusty Robots, I hope you get to complete them somewhere in the near future.

  2. it is a treat to see your on the border figs. And good to see the narrative of the Boer Company Again.

  3. Good to see you updating this blog again. I like the new guys. The terrain's really good too. The style fits your sculpts very well.

  4. Your minis are lovely, I’m inspired to start trying my hand at sculpting. Any bit of advice you could care to share?

  5. Oh I must have missed these sculpts. I'll keep a better eye out in the future.