Somewhere on the Border Warbands

As part of my ongoing Somewhere on the Border campaign, I have begun posting a bit of information about each of the warbands I have constructed and hope to add to them over the coming weeks as they develop and expand.

In time there will be more forces added to the mix as well as a selection of Dramatis Personae so do check back!

The Boar Company

The Boar Company are a freelance unit operating in the Axeblade Mountain region and was originally formed by Grimli Gundrusson, a veteran of years of fighting in and around the Axeblades. Still seeking adventure, he recruited his friend and long time drinking companion, Flint Dragonbane as well as a few younger Dwarves and has over the years the Boar Company has become moderately successful. 

The Boar Company

During their time on the border, Grimli's company have fought Goblin tribes, Orcish marauders and Human Barbarians, not to mention many strange monsters but their long term nemesis has been Marik Goldhelm. The rogue sorcerer first crossed paths with Grimli several years ago when the Boar Company heard rumours of an abandoned mine and arrived at the site to discover it being plundered by Marik and his minions.

Grimli was badly injured in the skirmish and he and his company have held a grudge ever since but Marik continues to plague the region with his interfering and intrigues.

Grimli Gundrusson

Grimli has recently hired a Wildling tracker who he hopes will aid in navigating the treacherous region around Dur Zamor after his company were ambushed by an Orcish raiding party at a Blackwater storage facility in the high mesa.

Most recently Grimli and Marik's paths crossed at the abandoned Dwarven outpost of Kar Morn which saw Marik once again escaping but not before he killed one of Grimi's troopers with a sorcerous bolt of Earthpower.

The Boar Company is currently employed by the Engineering Guildmaster Umbar Deepdelve in providing security for Guilders out in the wilderness as they begin work on surveying the high mesa before the construction of the railroad that will one day hopefully connect Lonepeak to the mighty keep of Kareth Dull.

Marik Goldhelm's Retinue

Marik Goldhelm is an outcast from the Knights of the Eternal Light, the order of templars who operate out of Sunpeak. He was ejected from their company following the revelation that he had been using his skills as a cleric to make a pact with the Fallen. 

Marik Goldhelm's Retinue

Fleeing being burned at the stake for such heresy, Marik fled to the East and in his travels through the Elven Wastelands, has formed a small retinue of followers. Most are dregs of humanity who follow him out of a lust for loot and violence but his trusted lieutenant is a Wight named Ammon Thurr. Thurr was raised by Marik form a burial mound not far from Sunpeak when a party of Templars were closing in on him and with Thurr's aid, Marik drove off his pursuers.

Marik Goldhelm

In the  following years, he moved over the Axeblades and began exploring the frontier region in hopes of unearthing new and more powerful relics of the ancient past to help his quest for power but he fell afoul of the Boar Company whilst looting an abandoned mine and now they dog his trial. 

Following the most recent unfortunate encounter, Marik has fled into the haunted Northern Forests and happened upon one of the barrows of the Horned Folk. Entering its labyrinthine hallways, Marik used his sorcerous power to awaken one of the Minotaurs who slumbered in it's depths and with this new and powerful minion, he hopes to become a major player in the region. Unbeknownst to him, his spell has begun awakening the Horned Folk in the entire barrow and who knows what the ancient beings will do once they emerge from their interrupted slumber...

Marik doesn't currently have a permanent base of operations as he moves around too much but he is seeking a secure location that he can continue his studies and stash his loot but first he needs to dispose of the interfering Boar Company!

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