War of Ashes Shieldbash

War of Ashes Shieldbash is a rather whimsical game produced by ZOMBIESMITH, the creator of the well known Quar range and is set in a world inhabited by all manner of quirky beings such as the True Antronians, Elvorix, Vidaar, Jaari, Ki-Kak and Kuld and just looking at the artwork, one is struck by just how much fun they are:

The world itself is equally interesting as the gods are feared due to their ineptitude and tendency to destroy stuff by accident and an unfortunate incident with a drunken priest, an escaped sacrifice and a temple burned to the ground has seen the world plunged into a new ice age as the sun has faded from a warming yellow to a worrying red.

The whimsy of the writing and illustration livens up what could be a rather bleak setting as each race has interesting reasons for fighting, be it the True Antronians wanting to bring peace by beating some sense into the warring Bucks, or the Jaari looking for someone to blame for their sacred volcano erupting or even the Ki-Kak who seek to meet out punishment to the Vidaar for wrecking their island paradise.

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