Sunday, 10 January 2021

Boar Company Re-Inforcements


I've finished the first of the reinforcements for my Boar Company!

The banner bearer has a Spell Eater stone set into it which will protect the Boar Company troopers from arcane energies and offer some sort of defence from the Fallen. The second trooper is armed with a morning star and gives me some heavy hitters to take on even the heaviest of armoured foes.

I've got another three of the little guys finished and will try to get them painted over the course of the coming week:

I've also got Gunnar, the final character of The Boar Company sculpted and will showcase him next week. Once I have these sculpts done, I have only got to get another huntsman to get finished and I'll have all my Boar Company troops finished and will move onto another faction to bulk up or indeed make a new one.

It's been really fun to get the sculpting done and I look forward to seeing how the new recruits perform on the battlefield!

In the meantime, All the best!

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