Sunday, 23 July 2017

Stirrings From Aeroth

It had been over a year since the Boar Company had last seen action when Grimli led his stalwart troops against their longtime foe, Marik Goldhelm.

Once again, Marik had slipped through their fingers and the very thought made Grimli bristle with anger. They had lost several stalwart companions on that fateful day both to the toxic surroundings of the North Woods and at the hands of the rogue sorcerers black powers.

The North Woods can be deadly

Since then, things had been quiet with the Boar Company carrying their dead and wounded back to the great frontier fortress of Dur Zamor before once again venturing out into the frontier country in search of Marik.

True to form, Marik had vanished without a trace and rumour has been circulating that he met a sticky end some months back at the hands of a Horned Folk warband. Grimli grunted sourly at the thought. There was no way that the cursed rogue had died so easily. The Boar Company had sworn a mighty oath over the graves of their fallen kin that they would not stop until Marik was brought low by fine Dwarven steel.

Unfortunately, the Orcish brutes who had survived the massacre of Krull's winter encampment were on the warpath again and the Boar Company had been forced to suspend their search for Marik to carry out their duty to their lords and defend the frontier from all foes.

The Orcs continue to be a problem but the Dwarves have erected several frontier forts, overlooking the Endless Plains and from these fortifications, bands of warriors have time and time again harried the Orcish forces and rained down fire from their mighty gun batteries.

With reinforcements, the Boar Company are once again setting out into the wilderness in search of their foe and this time, there will be a reckoning.

Well! I can't believe it's been over six months since I posted here! I've been so busy with other projects that the adventures of the stoic Dwarves somewhere on the border have been overlooked. I plan on remedying this as soon as possible but I am moving house at present so being able to do anything hobby related is proving to be quite a challenge!

Lightning strike on the Endless Plains as seen from the Old Road

Still, I have got several sculpts (including something very big) ready for paint and just need to get some time to sit down and get them painted before carrying on the saga of The Boar Company.

Hopefully I'll get chance to play out a game or two with Marik meeting some sort of justice but I suspect the sneaky toerag will escape to bedevil the frontier in the future. I am also hoping to introduce my fresh take on some of the denizens of the frontier, namely the Orcs, or Gorathians as they are becoming known.

I am also developing some ideas for the inhabitants of Pinecliff, the nearest Human settlement to the goings on on the border so watch this space!

In the meantime, All the best!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Boar Company Outrider


Well it's 2017 and I have finally finished another couple of figures for my Aeroth project in the form of a Boar Company Outrider and a second Cavern Dweller:


Patrolling the high mesas of the Dwarven territories is very hard on even the sturdiest of Dwarven machines so they make use of Razorback mounted cavalry which act as the eyes and ears of some of the independent companies that roam the wilds and protect the borders from marauding Goblin tribes, Orcish Horde expeditions and all manner of dangerous beasts.

 An Outrider encounters a pair of Cavern Dwellers

Sturdy, tough and belligerent, Razorbacks are perfectly matched to their Dwarven riders who are in turn fiercely loyal to their porcine mounts. In combat the rider will goad their mount into a ferocious, squealing charge whilst crouching behind their bladed lance. If the initial impact of half a ton of pig and it's fierce tusks doesn't finish the job, the riders fierce lance will.

Used to operating independently for long periods of time, the Outrider is usually a grizzled veteran of the border wars who wants to spend time exploring and defending their homeland from all comers. Foraging off the land, these hardy souls and their mounts can stay in the field for much longer than the armoured vehicles of the Dwarven Holds in the harshest of terrain.

Cavern Dwellers

I'm slowly putting together a Cavern Dweller warband and have one or two more part painted which will hopefully allow me to field some more interesting forces against my Boar Company from time to time...

I'm actually having a bit of a ponder about Aeroth in general as I am finding it moving away from a post apocalyptic fantasy setting to incorporate elements of science fantasy. For example, the Dwarven holds are going to be fielding battle armour, war golems and all manner of steam powered tech whilst the Elves are getting a complete redesign and even the Orcish horde have been given some much needed re-evaluation. 

Hopefully over the course of 2017 I will be able to flesh things out a bit but in the meantime, All the Best!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Still Here!


Well it's been almost three months since I last posted and I thought I'd best post something to prove I'm still here!

Alas work has been really exhausting so painting and sculpting time has been pretty much non existent of late but I have taken to carrying a notebook around with me and whenever I have some spare moments, I scribble down ideas for Aeroth and its peoples and I've found myself developing the setting in a rather interesting way!

Gone is pretty much everything from the original setting and in it's place a new and rather compelling one is taking its place. Aeroth is now all that remains of a galaxy spanning civilisation and the world itself is scarred by an ancient war that the Elves fought against a forgotten foe. Technology is rather more visible than previously whilst the races themselves are being rejigged and redeveloped.

I am also trying to put aside an hour a day to start sketching out some of the more notable locations in the world, be it the ruined megacity surrounding the Elven capital obelisk of Azgaroth, the ruined starfactory of Shale or the Altar of the Worm. Similarly I am also sketching out some of the denizens of the world and their histories which is proving to be just as interesting!

Thus far, I have lots of ideas, notes and doodles which I need to continue refining and developing but once I've got the world outlined a bit more, I'll post up some gubbins about it and then get down to developing the forces that are fighting over Aeroth. Interestingly, the more I develop my ideas for the world, the more the original Leviathan rules become more suitable with some tweaking so I think I may have to try out some battles to playtest some of the ideas I have...

Hopefully my next post will also have some pics to go along with my waffling but in the meantime, All the best!

Monday, 8 August 2016

A Burst of Creativity


Well it's been quite a while since I've done much in the way of blogging but I have recently been struck by an irresistible urge to draw and with that the urge to sculpt stuff has struck with a vengeance!

I am getting married in a couple of weeks time so unsurprisingly there's not been much chance to do any sculpting but I plan on taking my sketchpads with me on honeymoon as we navigate the north coast of Scotland in hopes of fleshing out some of the ideas which are swirling around in my head at the moment.

These can be split into three rough categories:

Aeroth Warband Building

I actually have a fair amount of stuff sorted for Aeroth which will see Marik Goldhelms force up to full strength and a new campaign season kicking off.

Marik Goldhelm up to his old tricks!

I also plan to develop the setting a bit further, combining elements of steampunk, sci-fi and fantasy and each force will be getting a bit of a revamp and redesign too with more magitech elements starting to appear on the battlefield for the first time.

SD Battletech

I originally started sculpting some very stylised Mechs a year or so ago and even managed to almost finish a lance of Davion recon mechs before other projects started encroaching on my time. Having recently rediscovered them, I feel a fresh need to complete the project, build a command mech for my Davion force and even build some opponents for them to skirmish with.

 Davion Mechs scout out a ruined Star League installation.

As with each of my projects, I am thinking of having a bash at resin casting them at home to speed things up but I also want to re-explore the Inner Sphere and play around with the aesthetics of each of the great houses mech forces to produce a more unified finish.

Davion Javelin Mech on patrol.

Looking through my sketchbooks, I have some fun ideas that I want to try out in a slightly alternative Inner Sphere without the nonsense of the Clan menace, instead focusing on the machinations of the great houses helped along with the discovery of lost Star League era tech.

SD Sci-Fi Skirmishing

Another long term ponderment for me has been the possibility of creating some skirmish warbands for the likes of Rogue Trader, Void 1.1 and even Kryomek but using my own, rather stylised sculpts to not only save money but also to add a bit of lightness and fun into things.

 Bloodaxe Patrol

I must admit that 28mm has been calling me. As much as I like 15mm scale, the lack of character of many of the sculpts is rather disheartening but my SD stuff seems to tick both boxes as they only stand about 20mm tall but do have lots of character and it's easy to tell what equipment they have and each character actually looks different too!

Servile Minion

Again, I have loads of sketches and doodles and even a few painted bits and bobs that I've not shown off before and I hope to have the chance to flesh out some of the sketches into fully realised miniatures and maybe even put together some small warbands to play out a game or two!

Hopefully I will be able to get one or two updates put together early next month with some concept sketches and more rambling, not to mention some more sculpts!

In the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

True Atronian Warband Part 3


Well I am slowly working through my True Atronian warband and have finally finished another figure in the form of a Virian Sister.

 Virian Sister

Armed with a morningstar and bad attitude, she's a lovely little sculpt and makes a fine addition to the warband itself.

The Warband Thus Far!

I must admit that I am rather pleased with my progress on the diminuative warband, especially as they are such fine little sculpts, each being mounted on a 20mm base apart from the Canid who is on a 25mm one. 

I am really appreciating the variation in each and every piece I've painted thus far and look forward to adding another to their numbers soon!

All the best!

Sunday, 22 May 2016



Well I am on holiday for the next week or so and am looking forward to spending a little bit of time in hobby related shenanigans!

Alas there's not much free time to spend on hobby related goodness as there's my wedding coming up but I do want to make a bit of time to work on revamping Leviathan!


Following the last battle report I put together, I found myself incredibly frustrated with the rules as they stood as there's just so many inconsistancies, pooly explained rules and some faily important stuff left out completely so I think I need to pull things back to the basics and rebuild the rules from the ground up.

Before I do this, I think I need to explore just what Leviathan is supposed to be. The problem is I have two wildly different views of it. There's the mass battle approach with ranks of infantry battling it out with mighty warbeasts and engines of destruction but then there's the more realistic skirmish setting with small bands fighting it out for survival in a post apocalyptic wasteland.

Unsurprisingly, these two visions don't mesh well together as Aeroth is supposed to have suffered a magical apocalypse which mutated the very world itself and brought an end to civilisation. How then can large forces operate in such a wasteland? The problem is I like the idea of big beasts and mighty armies so how do I go about fixing it?

Boar Company

One approach is to have the action moved forward several hundred years so societies have formed and the world has begun repairing itself but resources are still scarce and fought over fiercely by the kingdoms.

Secondly, I have railed often enough about the generic Tolkienesque settings often enough but find that Leviathan, despite it's cosmetic differences, still has too many of the reused tropes of so many other games over the years so I need to move it on and push things a bit further. I need to get my teeth into the background and rework it to my own specification and once I have the setting done to what I want, the game itself will hopefully follow!

With that in mind, I think I will be spending much of this week putting together my notes on the world and putting some pages up on here to illustrate my thoughts!

Hopefully, I will have something to show soon so stay tuned!

All the best!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

True Atronian Warband Part 2


Well surprise surprise! I actually managed to get another figure painted up for my True Atronian warband!

 True Atronian Glaive Guard

While the other members of the warband are Vidaar, this new addition is a Elvorix doe so has somewhat daintier features than her sisters. I seem to struggle a bit with photos of the figures but I went with a light skin/fur tone with some freckles and stripes to make her a bit more interesting and once again, the Zombiesmith figures don't disappoint as they paint up really nicely, despite their diminutive and dainty scale!

The Warband thus far!

I'm really pleased with how things are going with the force at the moment and have just primed another figure to add to the mix and hopefully I will get chance to paint her up soon too!

In the meantime, I've been perusing Shieldwall, the mass battle game set in the War of Ashes world and am really liking the concepts featured so may try out a bit of a proxy game or two in the not too distant future!

Till then, All the best!