Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Village in the Woods


Well I've been hard at work making scenery for my warbands to fight over and have recently finished a small village!

A Village in the Woods

Made from a selection of little boxes I picked up at Hobbycraft several years ago, these simple little buildings have been rather a lot of fun to paint up and their blocky, stylised finish is ideal for my Somewhere on the Border project and can easily be used to represent any of the small settlements that dot the frontier regions.


I still need to build a blacksmiths workshop and a tavern as well as a couple more general habitations as well as a temple but Quite like how they've turned out. Interestingly, they are very different in style to what I have planned for Pinecliff, the largest human settlement in the Axeblades but that's a topic for another day!

In other news, I took a couple of warbands along to our games night yesterday and four players had a bash at a slightly modified version of Song of Blades and Heroes with the Boar Company once again mixing it up with the forces of their nemesis, Marik Goldhelm!

Get ready to rumble!

The game was really good fun but we did notice that despite my attempts to make combat more bloody, there was still an awful lot of pushing about rather than a straight up fight so it's back to the drawing board and I'll be re-tweaking the rules to make it play more quickly.

The highlight of the game was seeing Flint, the last survivor of the Boar Company kill the Fire Grub warrior only for it to explode spectacularly leaving Flint absolutely fine and much of Marik's underlings blown up. 

As only one of the players had ever wargamed before and all four having enjoyed the game was a big plus and it was great to actually get a game played too and they've asked if I can bring it along next time with some more warbands so I will need to crack on!

All the best!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Thrice Cursed Elf!


Well I've managed to get another figure painted in the form of an Elven Powerlancer!

Elven Powerlancer 

The Elves were once the rulers of a glorious star spanning empire with Aeroth their capitol but a great and terrible war amongst the stars against a foe too terrible to name saw their empire crushed and Aeroth changed forever.

In combat, the Elves use their mastery of Magitech to channel bolts of Earthpower through Powerlances. These dread weapons have impressive range and devastating power and are capable of bringing down even the mightiest of Golems or warbeasts with a single volley.

I went for a somewhat sinister dark blue armour with grey cloth and a mirrored purple visor to give the Elves a suitably villainous look. I may end up giving the visor a gloss varnish to give it a proper reflective sheen as the photo makes it look a bit dark and matt but we shall see how we go!

I hope to add a few more to the mix including a battlemage and possibly some Amp Armour too at some point so I can field a proper warband but in the meantime I've got a sneak peek of some Gorathian Orcs and a Demi Cyclops to show!

Orcish Horde Troopers and a Demi Cyclops

The Gorathian Orcs on Aeroth are going to be a bit more blackpowder than of old as I quite like the thought of gun wielding Orcs with a more refined military system than just being a bunch of savages. They'll be using alchemical devices too to match the technological prowess of the Dwarves or the magitech of the Elves.

I've got quite a few ideas for the Orcs and hopefully once I've got these test pieces painted up, I will have a chance to get some more sculpted as they are rather enjoyable to work on!

Last but not least, here's a quick pic of the collection thus far with a mixture of painted, primed and unpainted gubbins amongst it all:

The Collection thus far!

While I am aiming at putting together small warbands, I am also keen to put together some more individuals and creatures so hopefully I will get chance to work on some more random bits and bobs over the next few months, not to mention actually playing some games!

In the meantime, All the best!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Unnerving Undergrowth


I managed to finish a couple more terrain bases this morning in the form of a pair of tangled jungle themed affairs:

Cavern Dwellers forage for grubs in a thicket

This stuff is probably more suitable to a more jungle theme than my previous stand of trees but I had the gubbins (which I had picked up from The Range about five years ago!) so thought I'd put together a couple of stands to see how they look.

I'm hoping to get some more stands of assorted undergrowth put together over the coming weeks but I still have a literal ton of the aquarium plants that I used for this project to put to good use so expect that I'll end up featuring it in an expedition into the lost jungles of Koth.

I've also been humming and hahing about what sort of denizens are going to inhabit the woods and forests of Aeroth so expect another update soon!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Fire Grub Swarm


I've finally managed to finish off the Fire Grub Warrior to add to my existing swarm!

Sir Roderick's Party Encounter a Fire Grub Burrow

Fire Grubs are large, unpleasant larvae that can be found throughout the more arid regions of Aeroth. Slow moving but ravenous, they can spit balls of flammable bile considerable distances. 

These very properties make them sought after by the Alchemist Guilds as their rather combustible nature can provide all manner of useful Magitech ingredients for everything from potions to fuel for Dwarven constructs. As they are rather aggressive beasts, collecting these ingredients can prove rather deadly.

While most Fire Grubs are relatively small and slow moving, the larger Warrior is a terrifying foe. It scuttles forward on six sturdy limbs, batting aside blows with it's armoured forelegs and biting with it's crushing jaws or spewing fiery magma.

 Fire Grub Warrior

Like my Fire Grubs, the Warrior is made from Super Sculpey and a little bit of Greenstuff for the details and was constructed over the course of an hour or so.

 Glowing Carapace!

I plan on putting together a couple more Warriors and basic grubs as well as a Queen to rule the Burrow and they will be making a rather handy random encounter for the other inhabitants of the Border to deal with.


I'm also thinking of adding some eggs and a few burrow entrances for them to appear from at random to bamboozle passing adventurers as I rather enjoyed putting together the little chaps.

I'm quite keen to keep exploring the assorted Flora and Fauna of the Border region and as already mentioned, I plan on adding some forest denizens to my grove of trees in the next few days too. I must admit that concentrating on such stylised sculpts have been a real pleasure as a nice alternative to the more complex and detailed figures I've been painting over the last few weeks.

The Swarm Thus Far

I've got several sculpts either finished and ready to paint or just requiring a bit of detailing so suspect they will be making an appearance on the Border soon so watch this space!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Can't See the Forest For the Trees


Well I seem to be on a bit of a terrain making spree at the moment and spent a bit of time yesterday finishing off the grove of trees I started a while back.

The Boar Company explore a mysterious wood

I picked up the grass covered eggs from Hobbycraft during their sale for 50p each and with some wooden bases from Warbases (a great company to buy from by the way as the lasercut bases are great value!), some cork tile to stop the bases from bowing and a little bit of Das Clay for trunks and bobs you're proverbial uncle!

Boar Company Patrol

While a bit stylised for more general wargaming use, I really like how they turned out and will be keeping my eye out for some more. My only regret is that they only came in one size as it would have been nice to have a couple of different sized trees and I had to make do with just making the trunks a different length to give it a bit of variety.

Although it doesn't really show up on the pictures here, I added a bit of a drybrush of glitter glue to the trunks as I wanted to have a bit of a Labyrinth vibe to the trees and in person, they have a rather nice glitter to them which I plan on using in the future for various effects.

I've also got some more terrain on the go in the form of some thickets of vegetation and a mushroom stand but they still need a bit of work before I finish them but hopefully I will get a chance to complete them this weekend.

After a fair while of hobby malaise, I seem to be finding myself drawn back to the Border and have a fair few new sculpts to paint and am hoping to get a Gorathian Orc warband finished off as my next sculpting project.

Looking at my terrain collection, I need to add some more basics like rock outcrops and hills as well as assorted interesting stuff like ruins, statues and whatnot so can see myself making some more gubbins soon so watch this space!

In the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Dwarf Golem Spotted


Well it's been a while but I've finally got some additions to my ongoing SD project in the form of a pistol wielding Golem for my Dwarf Technomancer party.

Gun Golems with Svett Flintsdottir

I've had the little robot built for absolutely ages (I think about five years!) but he's sat unpainted till recently and I got a burst of creativity and got the little chap finished and he's now a member of Svett Flintsdottir's Technomancer party.

I am going to make a few heavily armoured Dwarves to add to the force so it's not all Magitechnological and there's still the mighty wargolem I previewed some time ago to finish off as well...

I also decided to get some more stylised scenics put together to represent the more lush regions of Aeroth and having spotted the polystyrene eggs with a rather nice green flock at Hobbycraft in their sale, I picked up enough to make a decent copse of trees!

Dwarven Tech

I'm hoping to get the remaining trees based in the coming week and will try and get another miniature or two painted as well so watch this space!

All the best!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Order of the Tower

I've not been idol over the last few weeks but a lack of bases and running out of sculpting materials (and an infuriating shortage of replacements from my supplier!) has slowed things down considerably.

I have been working on some Elves, Orcs and a new, larger Fire Grub warrior which all just need a coat of paint before being added to my mini campaign but I thought I'd show a few concepts of a new force I'm tinkering with, The Order of the Tower.

The Order of the Tower are a sect of templar knights who inhabit the great fortress monastery known as the Tower of the Dawn. Formed over a thousand years ago, they worship the scholar god Hallador and have collected within their walled abode, a library that rivals even the greatest of the Elven cities.

The Tower of the Dawn lies high in the Axeblade Mountains near the human settlement of Pine Cliff and is a wonder to behold. Rising from a spur of rock to a height of over three hundred feet, the tower is a dazzling white with numerous small windows dotting its exterior and can only be accessed by a single massive door after crossing a narrow bridge.

The terrible events of The Death saw The Tower of the Dawn shaken but due to a combination of Dwarven building and the prayers of its inhabitants, it stood firm against the worst the cataclysm could throw at it.

In the ensuing centuries, The Order has sought to defend the knowledge of the past and regularly sends out parties to trade for books, tech and news from throughout the region. They are also the sworn protectors of Pine Cliff and the small settlement is intensely loyal to inhabitants of the Tower and regularly send rangers with Order expeditions to provide extra protection in the dangerous region.

The Templars of The Order of the Tower wear extremely heavy armour and are experts in defensive warfare as their key role is to defend The Tower from harm. Their distinctive helms and thick plate is richly decorated in crenellations and their experience shows as The Tower has never been breached by any foe.

Templar of the Order of the Tower

Armed with heavy Runespears and tower shields, the Templars will lock shields when forced to fight outside their monastery home and present a wall of spears toward their foe. The Runespear is a modified version of the Elven Powerlance and can issue blasts of Earthpower over considerable distances and many an unsuspecting foe has met their fate on the receiving end of these powerful but rare weapons.

Most of the Templars are doughty men in their fifties, having spent decades in the library and perfecting their defensive martial skills, they are a beacon of order and civilisation in a brutal world and will defend their home with unswerving loyalty.

The current leader of The Order is Verence Torr, a venerable scholar and powerful cleric who has spent almost eighty years in the service of the Tower and its library. Although he rarely ventures out of The Tower of the Dawn these days, when he does Grand Master Verence is a force to be reckoned with as his skill and knowledge of the Lore of Earthpower makes him a terrifying opponent to face in the field of battle.

 Grand Master Verence Torr

The Order is not great in number with only about 80 Templars supported by a similar number of retainers but every year one or two new members will join and become Questors. 

The Questors are new members of The Order and are tasked with recovering valuable knowledge, lost tomes and ancient tech from the border regions of The Axeblade Mountains and small groups led by a Questor are a relatively common sight.

  Knight Questor of The Order of the Tower

Unlike other Templars, The Questors fight with longswords and shields and are more maneuverable than their heavily armoured brethren and will often lead militia groups from Pine Cliff to drive off monstrous creatures or venture out into the wilderness in search of lost caches.

The Order has good relations with the Dwarven Holds that neighbour it as the Dwarves respect the search for knowledge and Dwarven scholars often visit the great library to research lostech of the past. Similarly, select members of The Order, including Verence are granted access to the Dwarves own libraries, an honour which few non-dwarves have ever seen.

The Order has several small outposts around the Axeblades with the best known being Ivy Tower, a squat fortification that lies in a secluded valley next to the River Gorm, south of the great Dwarven fortification, Dur Zamor.

The Elves, especially the followers of The Spider God, have time and again sought to breach the defences of The Tower of the Dawn in order to plunder it's collection of arcane tomes but neither might of arms or cunning has met with success as the Order knows what the improper use of knowledge can result in.