Friday, 25 September 2015

Battletech Redesign: Valkyrie


Well I have a day off work at last and have managed to get a second mech finished in the form of a Valkyrie for my Davion force!

 Federated Suns Valkyrie Light Mech

I am quite pleased with how he turned out, despite the photo making the paintwork on the visor look a bit on the rough side and hope to finish another Valkyrie to add to the lance soon.

Rear View 

I have so far kept the colours generic and not too showy and have even removed the Federated Suns sigil from the Javelins head as I just didn't like the finish and may resort to getting some waterslide transfers instead when money allows.

I am thinking of adding an ace mech as the lance commander who will have some more exciting colours and markings but quite like the more muted colours with the occasional splash of colour for the existing mechs.


With a bit of work, I think I can get the third mech from the lance finished this weekend before moving onto the command machine who will be a medium mech in the form of a Centurion which will give me a somewhat larger mech to sculpt over the next week or so.

As much as I have enjoyed sculpting all these machines, I am wondering if I have gone for too cartoony a finish for them. Looking online at some of the Battletech sculpts out there, I am sorely tempted to use these fellows as Imperial walkers for my Rogue Trader project and do something a bit more realistic for Battletech...

Either which way, I will be adding the odd update here over the next week or so as well as adding a new addition to my fantasy project too!

In the meantime though, All the best!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Battletech Redesign!


Well I've been a bit quiet of late due to a mixture of a heavy workload and commissions but I've managed to take a bit of time to paint up one of my recent sculpts in the form of a Javelin mech for Battletech:

 Davion mech on patrol

I've always been a massive fan of the Battletech universe as its setting is every bit as detailed as that of GW's but without the Grimdark and the story is constantly evolving and moving forward which combined with about thirty years of background material makes for a fascinating read.

What I don't like about Battletech is ironically the rules and miniatures. I don't have the patience to spend hours recording heat and ammunition supplies and always found the miniatures butt ugly to be honest. I've heard good things about the new Alphastrike but haven't picked up a copy yet but decided to have a go at sculpting my own mech.

 Frontier Patrol

One of the best things about Battletech are the Technical Manuals which give descriptions and capabilities of the many mechs and vehicles that fight in the never ending conflict of the Inner Sphere and I had quite an enjoyable evening perusing my copies to see what mech to start off with.

I had already decided to go for a light lance as I wanted them to represent a frontier garrison of some outback planet near the Capellan border which would give me plenty of opportunity to play about with raids from the Confederation and some of the Periphery states and pirates too. I eventually settled on a Javelin as a good, fast machine which is built as a scout and set to work sculpting.

The final machine turned out rather nicely so I have begun work on the remainder of the lance but more on that later!

Having finished painting the little chap, I was struck that in the style that I am sculpting these machines, they could do easy double duty as a dreadnaught or heavy combat armour for my Rogue Trader setting too and lo and behold, he does look quite decent alongside the diminutive Orks too!

 Camo for a thirty ton lord of the battlefield? Why not!

With a bit of work I should have a couple of lancemates done soon for him and then we shall see what we can do about sorting out some opposition in the form of the duplicitous House Liao!

I am pondering going for a bit of a redux of the classic Battletech setting and scale down the mechs from ponderous behemoths to something more like the Heavy Gear mobile suits but must admit to having a soft spot for properly giant stompy robots meting out destruction on one another in a neo-feudalistic setting where technology is becoming rarer and humanity stands at a crossroads. Do they move forward or slide into barbarism?

Scale Shot

Painting wise, I settled for a generic camo green with the Federated Suns crest and colours. I think I may re-investigate the head as the viewscreen is a bit flat at the moment and could possibly do with a bit more oomph but we shall see!

In the meantime, All the best!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Shieldbash, True Atronian 2


Well I'm just back from a very busy day at work but managed to get a couple of pictures of my slowly expanding True Atronian warband taken!

 Atronian Hurscaree

I went with a multi tone skin/fur/hair combo on her and am really pleased with the finish I managed to get on her. I also added some bits and bobs to her base to make her a bit more interesting and to represent the somewhat more lush climate of Agaptus.

Once again, I have been struck by how much detail and character have been imbued into such small and delicate sculpts and am looking forward to spending a bit of time on the next figure in the collection once I get chance to paint it!

Hurscaree with Sword and Shield and Hurscaree with Axe

Hopefully with a bit of work, I will be able to finish off the warband over the course of the next few weeks as I've really enjoyed painting the first two and can't wait to work on more of Zombiesmith's wonderfully whimsical figures. My only disappointment was that I didn't pick up an opposing warband so I could get some games in of Shieldbash!

All the best!