Saturday, 23 September 2017

Endless: Fantasy Tactics Challenge Part 2


Huzzah! I've found the camera's battery charger so have managed to get a pic or two of my Endless: Fantasy Tactics challenge progress!

I had thought of just using the stuff I have already but wanted to create a new warband to populate my setting with so settled on Sir Roderick and his retinue.

 Sir Roderick, Knight of the Eternal Light

Sir Roderick is a rather elderly member of the Knights of the Eternal Light, an order of templars who seek to bring order to the chaotic and lawless lands of Aeroth and for the purpose of my Endless challenge, he makes quite a handy leader!

Next up, there's the figures themselves which are patiently awaiting a coat of paint:

 L to R: Pugilist, Knight, Squire and Gunsmith

I also have a small board for them to fight dastardly villains over:

Gaming Board

Made from cork tile, sculpey and a few odds and ends, it's a tad smaller than a board for the game should be but it will give me enough to get started with! 

Looking at it, the grass patches maybe need some more work and I think I will add some small details here and there to bring it to life a bit...

I also have a new NPC in the form of Svette Flintsdottir, a Technomancer who will be leading a group of her mechanical creations into the border regions in search of rare materials:

Svette Flintsdottir

I also needed some low level menaces to the party so sculpted up some grubs as they were nice and quick to make. I'll be making some more of various sizes in the next week or two to add some variety and to give me another force for larger scale skirmishes somewhere on the border!


Last off, here's a sneak peek of a Wargolem which will be forming the centrepiece of Svette's Technomancer force:


Hopefully my next post will have some painted miniatures as well as the finished board so watch this space!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Leviathan Ponderings


Well it's been an eventful couple of weeks here as my Endless: Fantasy Tactics project has almost completed the building stage and I just need to paint and photograph the sculpts I've done before getting some games in. Handily I've mislaid the charger for our camera so it may be a few days before I track it down!

In other news, I've been having a bit of a ponder about what to do with Leviathan. My original plan was to go for 15mm scale for the mass battle as it's a good combination of detail and size but lately I've found myself perusing some smaller options.

Firstly, I have actually got a small force of Horned Folk in 6mm:

Horned Folk Warband

Horned Folk Taurian Heavy Infantry

Beastkin Infantry

Rhinox Wartower


Child of Leviathan

Two Wartowers

Made from a mixture of old Epic plastics and some Four A Miniatures monsters as well as a couple of heavily converted Irregular Miniatures rhinos, they look pretty good but do they have the sheer mass that I am looking for?

Maybe I should have based them on a 30x30mm square base with more mounted per base to give an impression of mass but I quite like the look of them and really need to flesh them out with some more bits and bobs. If import duties weren't so ridiculous, I'd consider getting some Microworld Beastmen but the expense is putting me off. The only other real option is Irregular and their strip style of figure in 6mm is a total pain to rebase...

I am thinking of moving the scale down again to the utterly teeny 2mm! Having looked at some of the armies folks have put together in the scale, I find myself rather tempted as it would really give a sense of an epic battle when viewed.

The problem is that at that sort of epic scale, I think I'd need to rework the rules to fit the sweeping nature of the game. With that in mind, I've been perusing Land Ironclads by Wessex games for some ideas and may try playtesting a small battle in the coming weeks using those rules to see how they work.

Needless to say, I'll be keeping myself busy for the coming months!

All the best!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Endless: Fantasy Tactics Challenge Part 1


As I've already mentioned over on Tales From Farpoint, I have decided to run a bit of a challenge for myself to make a small gaming board and two warbands for On The Lamb Games' Endless: Fantasy Tactics.

The game itself is a board/wargame hybrid that is very heavily influenced by the type of isometric 3d RPG games that SNES players will fondly remember and having given the rules a quick once over, I really want to give them a bit of a try.

What I don't have is any of the miniatures that have been produced for it. My problem with them is that I just didn't like the scale. 35mm is too big! Therefore I am going to try and sculpt my own figures in a rather more stylised fashion and try to put together a small board to play some games on.

I'll be taking the action out of the Endless setting and into Aeroth as I'm interested to see how well it works as a skirmish/RPG lite sort of game so the figures will need to fit in with my collection and the board will be decidedly desert themed too!

The challenging part is going to be getting it all done in the month that I've allowed myself!

I plan on posting one entry a week here to show progress and hopefully I'll be able to actually play a game in October!

In the meantime, All the best!