Sunday, 18 April 2021


Here's the newest addition to the Boar Company, Gunnar Beastspeaker:

Armed with a broadsword and Boarspear, Gunnar is the third founding member of the Boar Company and is a very capable fighter and has the ability to communicate with the great tusked Totem beasts that each of the great holds raises. 

He's been missing from the last few years campaign seasons as his duties as Keeper have required his attentions in the great keep of Kareth Dul but he's now completed the training of several skilled apprentices and once again ventures forth in the company of his brothers, Grimli and Flint in search of their great foe, Marik Goldhelm, the rogue sorcerer who has been a constant thorn in their side for many years.

Looking back at my old 15mm scale collection, Gunnar was the third of the characters who formed the core of the Boar Company so it was fitting for him to get an updated model and I'm really pleased with how he turned out. Perusing my old force, I also realised that I need to add a Battle Roarer and a mascot to the force as well as a second crossbow armed hunter to bring them up to full strength but expect to see much more of the Boar Company's exploits in the coming weeks!

All the best! 

Friday, 9 April 2021

Sir Roderick and the Quest for the Tome


After a long pause, Somewhere on the Border rumbles back to life with a battle report! 

I used the new Brutal Quest rules which are now available from both WARGAMES VAULT as a PDF and hopefully as a physical book from MAMMOTH MINIATURES in the near future.

The Background

Sir Roderick, Knight of the Eternal Light is on a quest to recover an ancient tome of knowledge from the Order of the Tower's library. Accompanying him is his young squire, Kes Westlake and following a long and arduous journey from the fortified city of Sunpeak, they have reached the Axeblade mountains. 

Unfortunately the snows arrived early and they were forced to winter in the trading outpost of Arch as the passes through the mountains were blocked and Roderick hadn't managed to secure a pass to the Dwarven Realms. As the spring arrives and the passes begin to open, Roderick and Kes have departed, climbing ever upwards and along the Pinecliff road towards the eastern flank of the mountains. Finally after a week of travel the two adventurers approach a small hamlet and a much needed Inn to rest in but as they walk closer to the settlement, the place seems abandoned with no smoke rising from chimneys and nobody moving around.

Cautiously the two approach, easing their weapons from their scabbards and move to investigate. As they do so hunched and unlovely figures emerge from the shadows, their eyeless heads turning as if to listen before letting out guttural snarls and shambling forward towards Roderick and Kes. 

The Forces

Sir Roderick is wearing light plate and has a shield and a longsword whilst Kes has leather armour and a shortsword.

The monsters are a trio of Cavern Dwellers, shambling mutants who often leave the safety of their subterranean lairs to raid settlements. They are unarmed and unarmoured but have the Brawler ability making them pretty dangerous in combat.

The Layout

The settlement lies at the centre of the board and is surrounded by rocky outcrops and sturdy trees. Sir Roderick and Kes enter from the bottom right corner whilst the Cavern Dwellers enter from the top left.

Each building can be investigated by performing a successful melee attack to break down the door. On a roll of a 1, the character is attacked by a giant rat, on a 2-4 they find nothing, on a 5 they discover D6 gold and on a 6 they discover a survivor.

Do they try to enter buildings quickly or deal with the monsters!

The Game

Kes has the highest Agility followed by Roderick and finally the Cavern Dwellers.

Keen to discover any survivors, Kes rushes towards the nearest building despite Roderick's warning. The youthful but headstrong Squire kicks at the door but fails to gain entry. Sighing at his squire's impetuousness, Roderick moves to the barn and puts his shoulder to it but fails to get the sturdy door to open.

Meanwhile the shambling Cavern Dwellers split up with two rushing towards the settlement intent on getting to grips with the two adventurers. The third one, possibly more cunning or cowardly than his compatriots splits off and begins skirting around the edge of the settlement, intent on sneaking up behind the adventurers.

Turn two sees Kes succeed in opening the doorway to the building finding no survivors but four gold pieces in her search. Roderick kicks down the door to the barn and is immediately confronted by a giant rat who launches itself at the startled knight. Uttering a most ungentlemanly oath, Roderick takes a swing at the rodent but the creature is too nimble and scurries up his leg and begins gnawing on his cloak.

The Cavern Dwellers continue their advance and end their activation dangerously close to the adventurers. 

Uttering a shrill battlecry, Kes hurtles out of the building she's just investigated and engages the closest Cavern Dweller who was stalking towards Sir Roderick who seems to be performing some sort of jig with a rat hanging on his cloak.

The charge catches the creature unprepared and Kes scores two respectable hits with her shortsword, wounding the Cavern Dweller and earning herself a Brutality Point. Meanwhile Sir Roderick isn't having a good day, the Rat keeps avoiding his swings and his cloak is getting decidedly gnawed upon (game wise, Sir Roderick was rolling terribly and the rat kept hitting him but failing to damage due to his plate armour)

The now wounded Cavern Dweller swings its filthy claws at Kes but the speed and violence of her charge has obviously unnerved the beast as it fails to hit the Squire. Things start getting a bit dicy for Kes as the second Cavern Dweller charges her but she spots it and manages to fend off its first attack while her leather armour absorbs a second swipe from the creature.

The third beast, hearing the clamour of battle rushes into the village from the west and moves towards the outnumbered Squire.

Kes is starting to worry as she is badly outnumbered and shouts to her boss for help whilst fending off the hideous beasts. She manages to hit the second Cavern Dweller, wounding the beast and seems to be holding her own but how long can she hold out?

Roderick finally manages to kill the rat and glances over his shoulder to see his Squire in a brawl with two unlovely beasts whilst a third creeps up behind her. Such ungentlemanly behaviour requires punishment and Sir Roderick bellows his warcry and bowls into the beast but it spots his approach and his longsword only grazes the creature.

The two Cavern Dwellers in combat with Kes redouble their efforts to drag down the plucky Squire but a combination of bad rolls to attack and some impressive armour saves sees Kes survive, bloodied but unbound.

At this point, I couldn't remember how many turns had been played and realised I had forgotten to take photos so apologies!

Drawing on her training, Kes thrusts her shortsword into one Cavern Dwellers face, sending the beast stumbling away, blood pouring from the deep wound. Her second attack drives her other opponent back with a badly mangled claw.

Roderick meanwhile succeeds in repeatedly hitting his foe but rolling rubbish damage so while his longsword is capable of doing eight points of damage with a single hit, he's only causing one or two points of damage but with a massive overhead swing, he finally causes some real damage and drives his opponent off.

At this point, the Cavern Dwellers have all been badly wounded and shamble away from the battlefield leaving Kes with 4 Brutality Points and Roderick with 3 to save towards advancements.


Sir Roderick binds Kes's wounds and chides her for her impetuous actions but is relieved that his plucky squire has survived and ruffles her hair before bemoaning his badly chewed cloak. Kes, stifling a giggle at her bosses mournful expression volunteers to sew the ravaged cloak. 

Further exploration of the settlement reveals that it has been abandoned and Roderick and Kes barricade themselves up in the inn for the night, lighting a fire in the hearth and preparing to move on towards Pinecliff in the morning. 

In other news, I've been cracking on with sculpting more goodies for Somewhere on the Border and have finished a bevy of giant rats:

I've also got a load of stuff on the paint table which will be making an appearance here in the coming weeks so watch this space.

Until then, All the best!

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Boar Company Re-Inforcements


I've finished the first of the reinforcements for my Boar Company!

The banner bearer has a Spell Eater stone set into it which will protect the Boar Company troopers from arcane energies and offer some sort of defence from the Fallen. The second trooper is armed with a morning star and gives me some heavy hitters to take on even the heaviest of armoured foes.

I've got another three of the little guys finished and will try to get them painted over the course of the coming week:

I've also got Gunnar, the final character of The Boar Company sculpted and will showcase him next week. Once I have these sculpts done, I have only got to get another huntsman to get finished and I'll have all my Boar Company troops finished and will move onto another faction to bulk up or indeed make a new one.

It's been really fun to get the sculpting done and I look forward to seeing how the new recruits perform on the battlefield!

In the meantime, All the best!

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Boar Company Reinforcements Incoming


As promised, I've got some gubbins sorted out for my weekly update in the form of some new Boar Company troops!

First up, there's my Boar Company standard bearer:

I've had this little guy half built for about 3-4 years and just never got round to finishing him until this latest lockdown. He will be giving me a much needed focus for my troops and his banner is armed with a spelleater stone to help defend the Boar Company from arcane assaults.

Next up, I'm working on some heavy hitters in the form of morning star armed troops:

They're still a bit work in progress but I should have them completed tomorrow and I've really enjoyed working on them. The final figure is going to be a character armed with a broad sword and boar spear. 

Once I have these guys done, I need to make another huntsman armed with a crossbow and that should complete the line up for the time being at least. My next sculpting focus will be to add some Pinecliff militia men-at-arms for my adventuring party which will give them some more options. 

I also really need to build more Fire Grubs to give me a decent level of encounter monsters so will have to do some more sculpting days before next week!

I also hope to get some games played in the coming weeks but I'll need to see how I get on so watch this space!


Saturday, 26 December 2020

Stirrings on the Border


It's been nearly two years since I have posted anything here and feel that it is high time that the Boar Company gets a fresh lease of life!

I've really enjoyed working on the assorted denizens of Aeroth over the last few years and feel the need to start getting back into the swing of things and sculpt some more stuff for my collection.

At present I have the Boar Company looking pretty much complete as they only really need a couple more characters to complete them.

The Boar Company

I want to add a banner bearer, and another crossbowman or two to my collection as well as some more heavy infantry armed with picks, flails and whatnot to give me a good selection of figures for any occasion and will be looking to getting this done first as my beloved Dwarves deserve no less!

I also have Marik Goldhlem, the rogue sorcerer and nemesis of The Boar Company. He's got a decent sized retinue but could do with a few more figures to round out his little force

Marik Goldhelm

His force is a bit patchy but with the addition of a couple more goons, archers and skeletal minions as well as a monstrous construct, I think I should be able to get them done too!

Finally, I have the adventuring company of Sir Roderick, 

Sir Roderick's Adventurers

At present, they are just a small adventuring team but I want to add some men at arms to the force to give them enough numbers to give the other forces I have a run for their money too!

Other than that, I hope to add some more scenery, assorted denizens and possibly, just possibly, a Fallen Elf force to spice things up a bit.

Hopefully 2021 will see me achieve at least some successes on the sculpting and painting front but I am also really keen to actually get the figures off their shelf and play some games and possibly see the Boar Company and Marik's years long grudge settled for once and all!

I hope to post an update a week with something related to the goings on on the border so watch this space!

Saturday, 9 March 2019

A Return to the Border


I can't believe it's been so long since I updated this blog! I've been busy with real life gubbins and other projects but have returned to Aeroth for a bit of a bash with The Boar Company having a go at cornering the ever illusive Marik Goldhelm!

Better yet, I have also painted a figure I sculpted years ago and primed and embarrassingly forgot about so without further ado, here's Minion number 4:

Minion number 4

I went for a largely bronzed armour for the fourth member of my minion unit and quite like how he's turned out, especially as I have had him sat waiting a coat of paint for literally 3-4 years!

It's also interesting how my sculpting style is slowly changing as I work my way through these little chaps as you can see in the picture below:

 Minion unit with Wight commander

Compared to my more recent sculpts, these guys are a bit squat and crude but I've really enjoyed painting up the newest member of the party and am raring to go for making some more!

Here's a bit of a pic of Marik and his renegades:

Marik and Co.

I have to say that bar one or two new figures, the warband is pretty much complete now so I'll need to give some thought to what I am wanting to sculpt next...

Meanwhile, somewhere on the border, Grimli and the Boar Company have tracked down Marik and engaged his unit in a bit of brutal combat in a small settlement. The resulting skirmish saw both Grimli and Flint his second in command injured and several Boar Company troops killed or incapacitated but Marik's minions were almost wiped out.


Once again, Marik escaped his fate but not before hurling a magic bolt at Flint giving him a nasty scar to remember the encounter.

It was great fun to play a small skirmish once again and I am remembering what fun I've had over the years playing similar games in the ongoing feud between the Dwarves and the rogue sorcerer Marik. In numerous run ins, Marik always manages to make a getaway whilst his minions get a pummelling in true villain style.

Marik at bay

I really need to flesh out my Fire Grubs, Mawlings and Cavern Dwellers as well as some other random bits and bobs I been thinking about for the last couple of years but I have recently unearthed a box load of my sculpts in various stages of completion so suspect that in the short term, I will be finishing them up and getting them painted.

Speaking of which, here's some Rusty Robots that I just need to add arms to, base and paint:

Rusty Robots!

Needless to say I'll probably get distracted by something else but I forsee more action Somewhere on the Border soon!

In the meantime, all the best!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Image Dump


Apologies for the lack of updates with my Somewhere on the Border project but I've been rather busy with other gubbins.

Here's a selection of sketches for what I have planned for the new year though:



Desert Dwellers and Wood Elemental

Grey Elf Chewk Rider

Horned Folk

Mantis Warrior 

Cactus Folk and Evil Knights

Hopefully I'll have chance to get some more sculpting and painting done in the next few months as I really love the setting that's developing and some of the gubbins I had planned.

In the meantime, All the best!